Housekeeping Hacks to Tidy Up Your Blog

WP Housekeeping Hacks

Four years ago, someone suggested that I start a blog. I knew nothing about blogging (I confess I had never even READ a blog post), but I took the advice and started my first blog, Blessed (but Stressed).
I’d love to share all the hacks and tricks I’ve learned along the way, and encourage you to go ahead and start a blog. I’ve discovered that blogging provides a creative outlet that I didn’t realize I needed.

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I wrote this series for two reasons: 1) I came to blogging as a clueless middle-aged woman and had to learn all this stuff along the way. 2) I have teaching bred into me (my parents taught school for years), and I love showing people what I’ve learned.

I also took the plunge and started my second blog, so I have a clean slate and will share the process with you. Whether you’re new to blogging or you’ve been around for a while, this email series will walk you through the steps to tidy up your blog and help you look as professional as possible!

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Daily Topicshacks for self-hosted WordPress users

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Pages, Posts and Categories
Widgets and Plugins
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Setting UP Social Shares—Facebook
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Weeding Out Passivity
Creating Titillating Titles
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Specialized About Me Pages
Comment Redirect
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No Comment
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Creating Community
Keeping Things Centered
Keeping it Above the Fold
Creating Headers Using Canva
The Importance of Graphics
The Bot-killing Plugin
Diving into CSS
Parent and Child Themes
What’s a Favicon?
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