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Create a Post Template on Your Self-hosted WordPress Site

  Granny Geek Strikes Out I fall somewhere between complete computer novice and geek when it comes to the inner workings of WordPress blogs and code. I understand the basics, but I can’t always figure out how to make plugins work. After I read the first paragraph of instructions on most plugins, I realize that I have jumped in over my head and I quickly exit the program. My frustration this morning involved templates. I know that templates exists.  I’ve heard…

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31 Days of Housekeeping Hacks for Self-Hosted Word Press Bloggers

Housekeeping Hacks to Tidy Up Your Blog Four years ago, someone suggested that I start a blog. I knew nothing about blogging (I confess I had never even READ a blog post), but I took the advice and started my first blog, Blessed (but Stressed). I’d love to share all the hacks and tricks I’ve learned along the way, and encourage you to go ahead and start a blog. I’ve discovered that blogging provides a creative outlet that I didn’t…

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