Not just another blog--but a blog by Native youth about Native youth. You'll learn what it's like to grow up between two cultures. #nativeamerican #nativeyouth #student #ownvoices

Voices of Native Youth: Not Just Another Blog

“Tell me why you think Native youth don’t succeed.” “What do you mean?” a student asked. “Well, only 17% of Native Americans finish college. The unemployment rate on the Rez is about 43%. Why? Just list things that you think prevent Native youth from finding success.” They looked at each other and one by one started offering reasons. “Drugs.” “Alcohol.” “The schools on the Rez suck.” “Poverty.” I wrote each answer on the whiteboard, using smaller and smaller handwriting to…

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Looking for a Simple Path to Following Jesus?

Sometimes, we make Christianity more complicated than we need to. We create God in our image and his desires in the image of our preferences. Rusty George’s new book shares a simple path to following Jesus that all of us need to know. #mercy #justice #socialjustice #followingjesus #christianity

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How Playfulness and Adventure Help You Find Sabbath Rest

This week for Self-care Sunday we’ll continue to explore the topic of Sabbath rest. If you want to really learn to nurture yourself, you’ll want to consider scheduling a day of rest into each week. The definition of physical rest might surprise you. Despite the controversy surrounding Laura Ingalls Wilder, her depiction of how Victorian America ‘kept the sabbath’ has stuck with me all these years. Children sat fidgeting, holding in pent-up energy, and waiting breathlessly for their parents to…

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Are You Confident that Your Seeds Will Grow?

I’m starting to really resent the word ‘seeds.’ As in, “We might never know the results of the seeds we planted.” It’s a phrase the grates at my soul these past few weeks. If you’ve ever been part of a short-term mission trip, a church plant, or children’s ministry, you’ve probably heard the phrase, too. I don’t like it. The end of January walloped our school family like a bad case of the ‘flu. Students made poor choices, and all…

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The Connection Between Creativity and Sabbath Rest

Have you ever wondered if there’s a connection between creativity and Sabbath rest? I’ve found one in my life. Check out these tips. #Sabbathrest #rest #Creatviity #selfcare

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The Problem with Building Relationships

When we set out to intentionally build relationships with other people—especially non-family members—expect pain. I tugged the sheet over the corner of the guestroom bed and thought for the thirtieth time about the odd-sized mattress. None of my sheets fit its contours correctly. A tear dripped off my nose onto the clean sheet. “Dumb kids,” I thought, as I held the sheet in place with one hand and reached for a tissue with the other. I knew I didn’t mean…

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February Releases to Fall in Love With

The Castle on the Rise Kristy Cambron’s latest novel picks up where her last one left off. Lainey has flown to France with her adopted daughter, Cassie, to attend Ellie and Quinn’s wedding. Laine leaves the states for the spur of the moment wedding, relieved to escape the emotions and memories of her failed marriage. She hopes to find healing in her best friend’s fairytale castle. But unexpected news sends her, along with Cassie, Ellie, and Quinn to Ireland to…

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Finding Sabbath Rest for Your Brain in a Restless World

Everybody’s Doing it This month’s Self-care Sundays series will focus on Sabbath rest. How can we find it, cultivate it, and benefit from it? How does Sabbath rest help us nurture ourselves? Athletes use it. Doctors prescribe it. Scientists espouse its virtues. We know we need it, but we fail to work it into our lives. What is it? Rest. Before we can take it, we must define it. People often mistake sleep for rest. While adequate sleep plays an…

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