jour•ney—noun, verb: passage from one place to another; to travel over or through.

Your Journey Starts Today!

I confess, I find it difficult to sort out selfishness from self-care in this busy world where so many things cry out for my attention. One thing I do know. On this journey we call life, we have to take care of ourselves, but learn not to indulge ourselves. If we fail to take care of ourselves, we won’t have the energy or mental resources to do the work God calls us to do. That work may involve anything from parenting young ones to saving lives in a medical setting (or maybe both).

We have to learn how to take care of ourselves without indulging ourselves. #self-care Click To Tweet

Whatever the case, we do our best when we live balanced lives. I encourage you to examine your life and identify where you feel the pull to experience wholeness. If you have emotional wounds that need healing, work on those! Maybe you feel stagnant and out of sorts because you’ve repressed your artistic or academic side in the hustle and bustle of raising kids and doing life. Your journey may need to start there. Perhaps you feel fatigued and stressed and broken down in body—seeking physical wholeness first makes sense for you. If you feel a strong desire to grow closer to God, by all means, seek spiritual wholeness first.

The journey of life looks different for each of us. How we act and react to situations shapes us and determines both our growth and our need for healing and wholeness. The only wrong journey is to stand still.

It doesn't matter WHERE you start your journey to wholeness: only that you start. Click To Tweet

I challenge you to step in and start your journey today. Don’t forget MAPS as you seek ways to become all that God created you to be!

Nurture Yourself Takeaway #31—It doesn’t matter WHERE you start your journey. It only matters that you start.


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