Every Traveler Needs a Copilot

co-pi-let•noun: a pilot who helps the main pilot operate an airplane, helicopter, ect. Siri as Copilot “I think you missed the exit,” I said, as we flew down the highway. Sure enough, a second later Siri went through her ‘recalculating route’ routine. Pedro looked at me and grimaced. Even though Siri had plotted a route and given verbal cues at each stage of the game, he hadn’t tuned in to her promptings. Which goes to show that we can easily…

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Discover the Why Behind Your Workout Style

dis-cov-er • verb: to see, find or become aware of something for the first time Discover Your Wounds In order to nurture yourself properly, you need to discover areas in your life that need healing. Although I hold no degree in psychology, counseling, or psychiatry, I’ve lived long enough to know that anyone over the age of ten (and many times younger), needs healing of some sort. Let me tell you about a wound that kept me from enjoying physical…

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Wait! Wait! Don’t Go Vegan on Me!

ve-gan • noun: a person who does not eat any food that comes from animals and who often also does not use animal products (such as leather). Beware of Fads “Mrs. Ojeda,” my former student told me, “I’m going to eat vegan from now on.” “Really?” I replied, surprised that my meat-loving student had decided on a drastic dietary change. “Yeah. I watched that Netflix movie What the Health. Have you seen it yet?” I hadn’t, and I still haven’t.…

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Five Moves You Can Make TODAY for a Healthier Tomorrow

hab-it • noun: a usual way of behaving Today we continue to look at how to achieve physical wholeness. Your life depends on it, so you might as well start today. 1. Drink (water). The average American drinks 375 pounds of soda a year. That’s over a pound of soda a day. Even two 12-ounce cans of soda a day will probably increase your risk of an early death. How much sugar should you consume in a day? Not much.…

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Identify What Motivates You to Start Your Journey

mo-ti-vate • verb: to give someone a reason for doing something  Journey to Wholeness I hate to break it to you, but change requires hard work, determination, persistence, and the ability to get back up and continue even when we fall flat on our faces. This applies to every aspect of MAPS (Mental, Academic/Artistic, Physical, and Spiritual Wholeness). On the other hand, our quest for MAPS can lead each of us on a different journey. God created each of us…

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Five Tips for Starting Your Journey to Physical Wholeness

Does Physical Wholeness Mean I Have to Look Perfect? For the past 15 days we have talked about ways to nurture ourselves. For some of us, nurturing others comes easily. Unfortunately, we forget to nurture ourselves. Over time, our lack of self-care leads to complications in our own lives. Burn out. Illness. Emotional stagnation. Physical limitations. Ennui. In our quest to nurture ourselves, we need to seek mental wholeness, academic/artistic wholeness, physical wholeness, and spiritual wholeness—MAPS. Let me make something…

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Finding Wholeness in Art as Worship

Wor-ship • verb: to show respect and love for God. Today I continue the conversation with Shelley Weaver, an artist who rediscovered her passion for ceramic arts and started working on her craft when her youngest went off to college. Today Shelley talks about art as worship, developing art in children, and what she does with all of the beauty she creates. Shelley, do you see art as a form of worship? This is my favorite question. It made me…

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Ceramic Artist Rediscovers Art in Community

Shelley Weaver created all of the art featured on this page, and took the photos of her pieces. You can follow her on Instagram @sheleweav or look for the hashtag #bayavenuestudio to find more of her work. com-mu-ni-ty•noun: a group of people who have the same interests Have you ever wondered if you should (or could) pursue an artistic interest? Yesterday I invited you to consider all the ways that people express themselves artistically. Today and tomorrow I’ll share an…

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Think You’re Not Creative? I Invite You to Reconsider!

Cre-ate• verb: to produce something new by using your talents and imagination. Today I invite you to look at the other half of the A in MAPS—an acronym to help us remember how to nurture ourselves. Have you ever noticed how the letter A has two sides? We’ll call those two sides Academic and Artistic. Notice how both sides start at the same point and have a bridge in between them? Just like the letter A, we each have two…

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All About Art: Ten Quick Tips to Improve Your Photography

Pho-tog-ra-phy•noun: the art, process, or job of taking pictures with a camera. For a long time I thought I couldn’t do art because I didn’t consider myself artistic. But art plays an important role in our lives. God created us to create; therefore, we need to express ourselves artistically. Not everyone can draw, but everyone CAN do art. Some people find artistic expression in needlepoint or counted cross stitch. Some people take photos. Photography IS Art You’ll notice that Merriam-Webster’s…

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