AugustFatal Trust—August 1

AugustBy Todd M. Johnson, Inspirational Suspense
When Ian Wells lands a mysterious trust case with a seemingly easy workload that will relieve his financial burdens, he hesitates to take it. Why would someone pay him so much money just to do a background check on three individuals?

But he needs the money to help his mother who has Alzheimer’s, to fight a frivolous malpractice suit against his father’s law practice, and to provide a buffer as he transitions his practice from trusts and estates to criminal defense.

Once he decides to take the case he quickly questions his decision because one strange thing after another starts to happen. His mother gives him a box with a gun. His client wants to transfer nine million dollars to his bank account in the middle of the night.

The book builds slowly, but by the time Ian has four days left to finish his task, I couldn’t put the book down. A great suspense book that forces readers to think about their relationships, honesty, and hiding the mistakes of the fathers from the children in an attempt to shelter them. Maybe some secrets need to see the light of day.

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Patrick Henry—August 1

AugustJohn Kukla, nonfiction
This detailed biography of Patrick Henry takes the reader on an in-depth tour of the life of one of our greatest founding fathers—taking the reader beyond the famous cry of “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Because Patrick Henry never became a president, diplomat, or author, unlike his contemporaries George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Benjamin Franklin, many history books overlook his contribution to the founding of our country.

In actuality, Henry set the stage for revolution as far back as 1765, when he first served as a representative in the Virginia House of Burgess. His oratory skills enthralled his listeners, and he worked hard to refine his delivery as well as deliver ideas that the common man could understand.

Kukla draws on letters to and from Henry, newspaper accounts, early biographies, and diaries to form a picture of a man passionate about his country and ideals of representative government.

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The Two of Us—August 8

AugustVitoria Bylin, Inspirational
Mia Robinson flies to Las Vegas for her little sister’s last-minute wedding. She regrets that her 19-year-old sister has gotten pregnant, quit school, and plans on marrying her young sweetheart. It seems as if Mia, a nurse practitioner in her 30s, always cleans up the messes Lucy gets in to. And maybe she’s a bit jealous that her sister will experience true love and motherhood before Mia has a chance.

She runs into an intriguing man at a diner the day of the wedding, and then runs into him again at the wedding chapel. What happens next changes the course of both Mia’s and Jake’s lives as they deal with their attraction for each other and a host of other problems.

Jake has to deal with guilt over a past decision that cost the life of his police force partner. Mia has to deal with learning to know God’s will—she knows she wants to serve him, and she can’t figure out how her budding relationship with Jake plays a part in the bargain she made with God about serving him.

Readers will enjoy this sweet romance that delves into all sorts of problems faced by modern-day readers—chastity, Alzheimer’s, knowing God’s will, and relinquishing the desires of our heart to God.

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Portrait of Vengeance—August 8

AugustCarrie Stuart Parks, Inspirational Suspence
When Gwen Marcey, a forensic artist, hears about a case investigating the disappearance of a young girl in Lapwai, Idaho, she insists that she get the assignment—even though her probationary period with the task force hasn’t ended. After all, the case sounds eerily familiar to her childhood story—including the weapon.

When she arrives on the scene, she discovers that the locals, members of the Nez Perce tribe, don’t seem too happy to have her assistance. In addition, she feels as if she has lived in the bed and breakfast where she stays, but she can’t figure out why.

It’s not often that I stay up until the wee hours of the morning just to find out what happens next, but Portrait of Vengeance gripped me from the first page and wouldn’t let me go. Carrie Stuart Parks does a masterful job of creating relatable characters that not only entertain us, but make us think about our own hidden prejudices.

She adds just enough humor to balance the suspense and tragedy. It’s also not often that a suspense novel surprises me with the final twists and turns—but Parks has woven multiple mysteries into the perfect blanket of suspense. You won’t want to put this one down!

If the Creek Don’t Rise

Leah Weiss, General Fiction
AugustAt first I didn’t like the format—the story skips to different perspectives and time periods more quickly than my hair gets big on a hot day in south Texas. Eventually I realized that the author wove an intricate tapestry of life during a specific time and place in history, and I got hooked.

The reader might feel ambivalence towards many of the characters, but don’t put the book down. The author does a beautiful job of creating characters that both tug at your heart and repel you. Above all, the characters burrow into your soul and cause you to question your beliefs and suppositions about other people.

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