Looking for a historical read set against the backdrop of a World War I romance? Check out these two new inspirational novels! #amreading #WWI #inspirational #ficiton

Looking for a World War I romance? Check out these two new releases by inspirational historical authors Kate Breslin and Susan Anne Mason. You’ll love the intrigue, the era, and the historical details about World War I.

Far Side of the Sea

by Kate Breslin, Bethany House, 381 pages


Looking for a historical read set against the backdrop of a World War I romance? Check out these two new inspirational novels! #amreading #WWI #inspirational #ficiton

Colin Mabry, decorated war hero, still cringes when he hears the Keiser’s guns bombarding Paris. He knows the shells won’t reach him in Hastings, across the Channel on the English side, but nevertheless they bring back memories of battles where guns did reach. And although he can’t fight again—what army would want a man with only one hand—he feels a measure of satisfaction in decoding messages sent from the front by carrier pigeons.

One of the messages bears his name and mysterious plea to carry out a promise he made while hidden in a French village. Colin knows that despite his injuries, his nightmares, and his regret, he must return to France to keep his promise.

His boss and future brother-in-law, Lord Walenford, approves Colin’s trip to Paris to save the woman who hid him from the enemy, nursed him back to health, and sealed their love with a kiss. During the long months of recovery and training for his new post, Colin had never imagined that Jewel Reyer still lived.

When he arrives in Paris, a woman who looks like a younger version of Jewel meets him at the café—and a simple venture takes on a dangerous new twist as he assists three secret agencies in identifying the mysterious woman with the man known as Kepler.


Johanna Reyer has never met her sister. Born to a fiercely independent Irish woman who turned down Johanna’s father’s marriage proposal, Johanna grew up ostracized by her grandfather and society because of her illegitimacy. She has vague memories of her father visiting her in Ireland when she was very young.

When her mother dies, she makes her way to Paris to find her father. While searching for her father, she stumbles across a diary belonging to Jewel Reyer. She had no idea that she has a half-sister. While she searches for both her sister and her father, Johanna uses her knowledge and skills with carrier pigeons to assist the war effort against the Keiser.

With the help of her friends, she sends a message to the mysterious Lieutenant Mabry, hoping against hope that he’ll help her find her sister.

After a rocky start, Colin and Johanna agree that they can both reach their goals more quickly if they work together. Their unlikely partnership leads them across France and into Spain. Together they face spies, danger, and their own growing attraction for each other.

Fans of Roseanna M. White will enjoy this book.

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The Highest of Hopes

by Susan Anne Mason, Bethany House, 371 pages.

Mason brings readers another WWI era historical novel. It’s late in the spring of 1919, and Emmaline Moore has sold her grandfather’s watch shop in the village of Wheatley, England, and purchased passage to Canada. Her best friend, Jonathan Rowe, has come along to ensure her safety.

Emmaline based her spur-of-the-moment decision on letters she found hidden in her grandfather’s desk. Letters from a father she had no idea was alive. Jonathan and his Aunt Trudy, a dear friend as well, counsel Emma to wait before showing up on her father’s doorstep. But Emma feels compelled to travel to Toronto immediately to meet the father she never had but always wished for.

Emma hasn’t told Jonathan yet, but she’s determined to stay in Toronto after meeting her father—after all she has no family left in England. Ever the optimist, Emma knows she’ll find work. Once she’s settled, she’ll be able to send Jonathan back to England and his dreams of Oxford University.

More Than a Friend

Jonathan has a feeling that things won’t turn out for Emma the way she envisions. But he wants to be there when she needs him. Even though she blithely explains their relationship to people as ‘best friends,’ and claims he’s ‘like a brother’ to her, he wants so much more.

They may have started out as best friends and siblings, but ever since before he went away to war he’s known he felt more for her. Jonathan knows he’ll follow Emma to the ends of the earth. Especially when she seems headed for disaster.

Mason fills the story with historical details about England and Canada in the year following the end of World War I. Jonathan battles shell shock and his frustrations with Emma’s decisions. Emma makes choices that seem to draw her closer to her new family—and away from the man who loves her.

Fans of Roseanna M. White and Kate Breslin will enjoy this book.

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