If you love inspirational historical fiction, you'll love these two new titles from some of my favorite authors. They are sure to brighten your day! #inspy #historicalfiction #series #standalone #Edwardian #Texasromance #grief #forgiveness #humor #amreading #bookreviews #netgalley

I receive free electronic advanced reader copies of these books through an arrangement between the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion on NetGalley’s website. I only review books on my blog that I really love.

If you love inspirational historical fiction, you’ll love these two new titles from some of my favorite authors.

If you love inspirational historical fiction, you'll love these two new titles from some of my favorite authors. They are sure to brighten your day! #inspy #historicalfiction #series #standalone #Edwardian #Texasromance #grief #forgiveness #humor #amreading #bookreviews #netgalley

Two of My Favorite Inspirational Historical Fiction Authors Tackle Forgiveness

If you know me, you’ll know how much I love the inspirational historical fiction genre. I majored in history in college and teach it at a small private school for Native Americans. Even better if a book can inspire me (without the moralistic or preachy prose). Karen Witemeyer uses humor and unusual situations to inspire readers to think about bigger themes, such as forgiveness and grace. Roseanna M. White employs suspense and intrigue as the backbone for a story of how different people process grief and doubt. The results? Inspirational historical fiction you won’t want to put down!

If the Boot Fits (Texas Ever After Book 2)

By Karen Witemeyer, Bethany House Publishers, March 12, 2024, 368 pages.

The Heroine

Samantha Dearing has scarcely had time to settle in back home in Texas after spending two years in Boston before her cattle baron father throws her a party. And not just any party, but an elegant ball filled with potential suitors. As each dance partner shares his net worth and qualifications to court her, Samantha feels like a heifer at the auction house. No shrinking violet, Samantha calls her imposing father to task. Unwittingly unleashing her tongue in the presence of a beleaguered cowboy hiding under the sofa in Eli Dearing’s office.

Cooling off after the encounter, Samantha and her little brother Clint reconnect outside near the lovely pond and three tall cedar trees that give their ranch its name. When a man drops out of the office window above them and takes off across the garden, her brother gives chase. The shortcut he chooses leaves him marooned in the middle of the pond—and he can’t swim. The thief turns back around, saves her brother, and disappears into the night, leaving a fancy cowboy boot and a castle full of dreams in Samantha’s head behind.

As Samantha works to help her community and follow God’s path for her life, she meets the handsome older brother of one of the boys she tutors. And the more she gets to know Asher Ellis, the more she admires his compassion, honesty, and desire to follow God’s will. When his act of daring saves her life, she has even more reason to admire him.

The Hero

Asher Ellis shows up at the Dearing ball uninvited, hoping to find evidence that Eli Dearing unfairly evicted his stepmother and brothers from their ranch. Instead, he hears an earful of a private conversation and discovers Mama Bess knew about the rent raises long before she told him.

During his precipitous escape, Asher returns to save a youngster from drowning and loses one of his favorite boots. When the pampered Miss Dearing starts tutoring his brother, Asher does his best to avoid her when he realizes her identity. He knows he needs to confess his crime, but he hasn’t found the words yet. He discovers Miss Dearing might look like a princess, but she has a heart for service that Asher finds beautiful.

When an unknown shooter threatens Samantha’s life, the men in her life (including Asher) vow to protect her. But how can a man with a dishonest deed hanging over his head have an honest relationship with a woman he’s falling in love with?

What I Loved About This Book

In her second installment of the Texas Ever After series, author Karen Witemeyer crafts a clever reverse Cinderella story. Along the way, she explores how young adults must come to terms with their perceptions from childhood. Readers will relate to Samantha as she struggles to reframe the picture of her stern father and perfect mother.

The plot twists and turns keep the story anything but predictable. If you love happily-ever-after inspirational historical romance, you’ll love If The Boot Fits (and the first book, Fairest of Heart). Fans of Jen Turano and Regina Jennings will enjoy this book.

A Noble Scheme (The Imposters, Book 2)

By Roseanna M. White, Bethany House Publishers, March 19, 2024, 352 pages.

Gemma Parks loves her life as the anonymous writer of a London fashion column and her secret life as a member of The Imposters, London’s most select inquiry agency. She doesn’t love Graham Wharton, the architectural mastermind who helps The Imposters succeed. Without his knowledge and genius, the others wouldn’t know about entry and exit points, hidden tunnels, and priest holes. And without this knowledge, The Imposters would have a horrible time carrying out their work of spying on London’s elite.

When Yates (Lord Fairfax) accepts a pro bono case for the group to recover a kidnapped boy stolen by mistake, Gemma realizes that if they want to save the boy’s life, she can’t avoid Graham. They’ll need to work closely together to thwart the kidnappers.

Graham Wharton wants Gemma’s forgiveness more than anything else in the world, but for the past year, she’s avoided him. A difficult feat for a close-knit group of upper-class peers and friends who know each other’s weaknesses and work to uncover society’s secrets. Graham looks forward to the new case because once they arrive at Weywent Manor, Gemma will need to remain in character. And her character has no reason to avoid Graham.

If they could only talk, the wall between them might dissolve. Or not. As The Imposters race to uncover the identity of the kidnappers, Gemma and Graham must come to terms with their shattered hearts and faithless acts.

What I Loved About This Book

White tackles one of the most difficult universal emotions in this tender, inspirational historical novel. Everyone feels grief differently, and we must each mine our own veins to discover its origins and how it plays out in our lives. Readers will relate to Gemma and Graham as they unpack their grief and learn to express it in ways that move them toward healing.

The fast-paced investigation and witty cast of characters provide balance to the big emotions Gemma and Graham grapple with. Although part of a series, readers can enjoy Gemma and Graham’s story without reading the first book (A Beautiful Disguise). But I highly recommend reading the first book, too. You’ll love The Imposters and their quirky ways of functioning within Edwardian society when they don’t have the money to keep up appearances.

Fans of Jen Turano, Kristy Cambron, and Carrie Turansky will love this book.

If you love inspirational historical fiction, you'll love these two new titles from some of my favorite authors. They are sure to brighten your day! #inspy #historicalfiction #series #standalone #Edwardian #Texasromance #grief #forgiveness #humor #amreading #bookreviews #netgalley

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