Have you read any books about ovarian cancer? I hadn't, until now. The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos surprised me. #booksaboutovariancancer #amreading #bookreview #inspy #inspirational #midlifecrisis #relationshipcrisis #sisters #forgiveness

Have you read any books about ovarian cancer? I hadn’t, until now. The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos surprised me.

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Have you read any books about ovarian cancer? I hadn't, until now. The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos surprised me. #booksaboutovariancancer #amreading #bookreview #inspy #inspirational #midlifecrisis #relationshipcrisis #sisters #forgiveness

Looking for Books About Ovarian Cancer?

I don’t usually choose to read books about ovarian cancer or any other type of cancer. My husband has gone through multiple bouts of cancer (the first round especially traumatized our family), and just the word ‘cancer’ often brings tears to my eyes. Even though the book blurb in The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos mentioned cancer, I decided to try reading it. I’m so glad I did. Irvin understands how cancer affects an entire family, from the youngest to the oldest. As an author currently living with an ovarian cancer diagnosis, the author writes from the frontlines with compassion and grace.

The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos

By Kelly Irvin, Thomas Nelson, December 5, 2023, 400 pages.

When Kristen and Sherri lost their mom to breast cancer back in their teens, Sherri took over the role of both mother and father at the tender age of 18. She guided her younger sister, Kirsten, through high school, college, and marriage. The wounds from their father’s abandonment and their mother’s death run deep, but each sister processed them differently.

Kristen launches herself into a cancer-curing career path as an oncologist. She vows to always be there for her patients—some of whom will need treatment for years or decades. Kristen carefully balances marriage to her one love, Daniel, and motherhood with her demanding occupation. Once their nest empties, Daniel and Kristen feel a growing rift between them.

Sherri relies on her faith to navigate life as a wife, mother, and teacher, and after her divorce, a single mom. When she receives an ovarian cancer diagnosis, Sherri turns to her little sister to help her navigate the frightening world of cancer. She doesn’t expect her faith to waiver nor her relationship with her ex to rekindle.  

Kristen drops everything to guide her sister through treatment. Sort of. She can’t leave her patients high and dry, and she realizes too late the consequences of shortchanging Daniel. While her professional life offers her an opportunity to really make a difference in saving lives, Kristen must decide if the cost is too high.

Why I Loved This Book

Irvin paints a tender story of family, relationships gone awry, faith in crisis, a woman’s mid-life crisis, and redemption. Told from multiple points of view, readers will relate to the two sisters and Daniel. Both Daniel and Sherri feel emotionally abandoned by their spouses, and each reacts differently.

Reading books where a character has cancer isn’t easy for me (my husband has survived three different kinds of cancer), but The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos didn’t trigger any adverse emotions (unlike other books I’ve read where a character has cancer). Instead, I came away feeling hopeful about my relationship with God and his ability to handle my big questions and uncertainties.

While this book doesn’t fit into Irvin’s usual genres (romantic suspense and Amish romance), it’s a gem readers won’t be able to put down.

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Have you read any books about ovarian cancer? I hadn't, until now. The Year of Goodbyes and Hellos surprised me. #booksaboutovariancancer #amreading #bookreview #inspy #inspirational #midlifecrisis #relationshipcrisis #sisters #forgiveness

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