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It's hard to believe one quarter of the year has flown by. Here are some of the books I've loved from the first three months of 2020. Some I read, some I listened to. I'm sure you'll find a new favorite. #amreading #amlistening #bookreview #lovetoread #history #mystery #middlegrade #birding
Looking for something to listen to during this time of social distancing? Check out these Audible recordings that I loved. Fifty-four hours of listening enjoyment. That should get you through at least a week of shelter in place! #Audible #books #bookreview #shelterinplace #listening #amreading
Check out these three contemporary novels--each one will make you think differently about life. And discovering other points of view helps us understand the world a little better. #amreading #notnormal #personalityclash
If you're looking for the perfect love story to snuggle up with on a cool autumn evening, look no further! One book will chill you with its suspenseful plot and the other will warm you with its beautiful prose and hope. #amreading #bookreviews #romance #Christmas #suspense
No one has immunity from cancer, a perfect storm can cause it to leap to life. How we treat it matters. Likewise, no one has immunity from mental illness. A perfect storm of heredity, circumstance, and attitude can erupt in a mental illness diagnosis. How we treat it matters. #mentalillnessawarenessweek #mentalillness
Check out these two new general fiction books that will inspire you and make you laugh (and think). #amreading #bookreview #contemporaryfiction #inspire

Book Talk Tuesdays: The Literary Genre and My Name is Venus Black

What IS Literary Fiction? What makes a book ‘Literary Fiction?’ The fiction category has two limbs-each of which serves a different purpose. Genre fiction, according to Steven Petite, provides a path of entertainment and escapism. I confess that I usually read genre fiction (historical inspirational, especially). I prefer reading books to watching television shows or …

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