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While I enjoy a good story, I always appreciate non-fiction books that make me think. These two books, a Bible study and a self-help book have sparked many internal debates over the past months. Probably not what their authors intended.#amreading #bookreview #nonfiction #dreambig #biblestudy
Introverted? Don't miss this new release by Holley Gerth. She'll take you behind the science of why you feel the way you feel in a crowd and guide you through how to embrace your differences. You have a purpose only YOU can fulfill. #introvert #purpose #extrovert #personality #selfcare #amreading #bookreview
Whether you already blog or write for a Christian audience, or whether you want to start blogging or writing for a Christian audience, this book is for YOU! This is the best book for Christian writers that I've ever read. Find out why. #Christian #amwriting #blogging #writer
We've all head about priests and pastors who turned out to be sexual predators. But what about the affable volunteer who loves 'ministering' to kids? This book will equip you to spot common grooming behavior by predators and help you empower your children and keep them safe from predators. #sexualabuse #church
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