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Should you abandon art during a crisis? Only if you want to cut off an important way to take care of yourself! Why art matters--all the time.
Do you feel adrift in a sea of to-do items that bury your short-term goals alive? Read this to find out how to set powerful short-term goals that will help you take control of your life. #goals #goalsetting #habits #achievemore #selfcare #SelfCareSunday
Wondering how to spend (and stress) less this holiday season? Check out this practical holiday guide to giving without stressing. #selfcare #holidayguide #SelfCareSunday #gifts
Does the holiday season have you stressed out? Find out how to resist the lure of consumerism and put the JOY back into Christmas. #consumerism #christmas #holidaygifts
What exactly IS a ‘marginalized voice?’ We marginalize voices as a society when we fail to take an interest in other people’s stories. People contain the stories to make us better people. Let's work toward becoming a society that reacts with curiosity and kindness instead of shock and outrage. #ownvoice #selfcare #marginalizedvoices #amreading #culture #homeschool #teacher
If you struggle with weight loss, don’t beat yourself up. Over three-fourths of us are over our ideal body weight. Achieving a healthy body weight and staying there will look different for every person. It depends on your body composition and what motivates you to achieve goals. #FFL #idealbodyweight #SelfCare
The question of ‘How many carbs in eggplant?’ sparked a creative session in my kitchen that produced a keto-friendly eggplant parmesan that even Pedro likes. Self-care involves using our artistic creativity to make small changes with big results. #keto #recipe #selfcare #SelfCareSunday
What do Goya, Picasso, and I have in common? We've learned how to use art as an outlet for anger (or any other strong emotion). You, too, can experience the benefits of art therapy (and you don't have to be 'artistic' or hire a therapist. #arttherapy #art #emotions #anger
Who cares about their zone of proximal development? You should! Find out why knowing your learning zone (zone of proximal development, or ZPD) matters. #ZPD #zoneofproximaldevelopment #learningzone #lifelonglearning #SelfCareSunday #selfcare
Creativity isn't just for creative people. In fact, if you think of yourself as more academic, let me assure you that you, too, have a creative side. You should learn how to nurture your creativity in order to practice healthy self-care. #SelfCareSunday #creativity #selfcare
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