If you love Christian historical fiction (also known as 'inspy' or Inspirational Historical fiction), you'll love these two new titles! #christianhistorical #inspy #inspirational #amreading #bookreviews #bookssetinlondon #bookssetinbiltmore

If you love Christian historical fiction (also known as ‘inspy’ or Inspirational Historical fiction), you’ll love these two new titles!

I receive free electronic advanced reader copies of these books through an arrangement between the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion on NetGalley’s website. I only review books on my blog that I really love.

If you love Christian historical fiction (also known as 'inspy' or Inspirational Historical fiction), you'll love these two new titles! #christianhistorical #inspy #inspirational #amreading #bookreviews #bookssetinlondon #bookssetinbiltmore

Is Christian Historical Fiction the Same as Inspirational Historical Fiction?

If you are a Christian and subscribe to Book Bub, you may wonder why you keep getting titles in your inbox that you would never read. For example, a book about your chakras or one on steps to finding inner peace through Buddha. When I signed up for Book Bub years ago, I checked the box for “inspirational.” My choice helps answer the question of whether or not Christian historical fiction is the same as inspirational historical fiction.

The term ‘inspirational historical’ embraces all faiths, not just Christianity. Thus, the algorithms assume I’ll enjoy works about Buddha or Bagwhan Shree Rajneesh. ‘Christian historical fiction’ refers to fiction written from a Christian worldview. For years, many of the books sounded preachy, dogmatic, and stilted (kind of like the sermons I suffered through during the 70s).

Just because a writer has a Christian worldview doesn’t mean he or she will have the exact same view of life as another Christian author. While some authors, such as David Baldacci, have a Christian worldview, they don’t necessarily feature that worldview in their novels. Readers can find a range of books within each publisher’s library.

A Little History

Before the advent of the CBA—the Christian Booksellers Association—(established around 1950), J.B. Lippincott, Co. published dozens of books by Christian author Grace Livingston Hill. Hill’s Christian worldview shone through her books, which often featured heroines in search of God or heroines who used their faith in God to overcome adversity.

If you love Christian historical fiction (also known as 'inspy' or Inspirational Historical fiction), you'll love these two new titles! #christianhistorical #inspy #inspirational #amreading #bookreviews #bookssetinlondon #bookssetinbiltmore

As the world became more secular, readers preferred to avoid matters of faith or religion in their entertainment. Nowadays, most major publishing houses have a CBA division.

I can usually count on books published by CBA houses to have a Christian worldview where main characters stay out of the bedroom and don’t smoke, drink, do drugs, or fornicate. The books usually involve characters who struggle with the same things every human struggles with. Still, their path to healing or resolution consists of developing a personal relationship with God, strengthening their faith, or coming to a better understanding of themselves as a child of God.

These hallmarks help me think about my ongoing relationship with God and the consequences of making certain choices. I love historical novels, making Christian historical fiction a perfect fit. To recap, Christian historical fiction is inspirational, but not all inspirational historical fiction is Christian.

The Sleuth of Blackfriars Lane (Book 3)

By Michelle Griep, Barbour Publishing, March 31, 2024, 320 pages.

Kit Forge has overcome many obstacles in her life—abandonment, hunger, and growing up on London’s streets, to name a few. Each experience has honed her observation skills and turned her into a woman who can read others (especially those with criminal inclinations) and bring justice to the streets.

After falling in love with Jackson Forge, one of London’s finest constables, Kit overcomes her fear of commitment and settles (sort of) into married life. Her unique upbringing makes her ill-suited for the life of a housewife; fortunately, Jackson has no desire to fit Kit into a mold. 

A growing relationship with her newly found father turns into a detective agency partnership. Despite their pact to agree on clients, Kit can’t resist taking on a case for a client with a missing child. The deeper she delves into the case, the more danger Kit encounters.

Jackson has his own woes as the newly appointed chief inspector at a busy London station. His predecessor left him with a mountain of paperwork and chaos in every department. To make matters worse, the superintendent gives him a deadline and the most incompetent new constable Jackson has ever seen on a police force. 

As Kit unravels layer after layer in her case, she and Jackson struggle with the conundrum of spending time with each other, their baby daughter, and other family while meeting all their work commitments. When the case takes an ugly turn, Kit faces a decision that will change the course of her life. 

What I Loved About This Book

Readers who struggle with Supermom Syndrome (even a little bit) will relate to Kit and her dilemmas. How does a woman cope with all the demands (and decide which are imposed by self, significant others, or society) in her life? Jackson, while more enlightened than the average male of this century or any century in the past, can identify why he fell in love with Kit and what makes her unique (it’s not her cooking skills). 

Kit and Jackson show readers how love doesn’t stop growing and adapting once the bride and groom say their vows. Any lasting relationship takes communication, compromise, and trust. For Kit and Jackson, a little nail-biting adventure and dangerous intrigue help them learn the lessons of married life faster than the average couple.

Although part of a series, readers can enjoy The Sleuth of Blackfriars Lane as a standalone novel. But why not read the first two books, too?

Don't miss the third book in the Blackfriars Lane series by @MichelleGriep and @Barbour! You'll love the action and the intrigue! #amreading #christianfiction #inspirational Click To Tweet

These Tangled Threads: A Novel of Biltmore  

By Sarah Loudin Thomas, Bethany House Publishers, April 2, 2024, 368 pages.

Master weaver Lorna Blankenship has spent her life working for the Biltmore Estate Industries as both a weaver and instructor. When the weaving portion of the industry starts to fail, Lorna makes a decision that changes her life forever.  Her guilt and shame cause Lorna to reject the friendship of the one man who has stood as her friend for years.

When a client demands Lorna create something new and astounding for Cornelia Vanderbilt’s upcoming wedding, Lorna knows she must revisit her past sins to secure her future.

With the help of the man she rejected, Lorna embarks on a quest to find the mysterious weaver and designer who has the power to break or save Lorna’s career. As she follows the tangled threads cast by her lies, Lorna discovers how other lies have changed the course of other’s lives. She also discovers how each of us can extend and receive unmerited grace. 

What I Loved About This Book

The author weaves a story that shifts back and forth in time while following three characters: Lorna, her young apprentice Gentry, and Arthur. As they make mistakes, seek redemption, and forge new bonds, their lives become a testament to the power of forgiveness and grace.

Readers who love historical details will enjoy learning about Biltmore Industries and life in North Carolina near the turn of the last century. Fans of Lynn Austen will enjoy this book.

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If you love Christian historical fiction (also known as 'inspy' or Inspirational Historical fiction), you'll love these two new titles! #christianhistorical #inspy #inspirational #amreading #bookreviews #bookssetinlondon #bookssetinbiltmore

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