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Looking for a historical romance that isn’t steamy (the pulse racing comes from the mystery and suspense, not bedroom scenes)? Check out these two new releases that inspire and intrigue.

Looking for a clean historical romance? Check out these two new releases that will delight both young adult and adult lovers of inspirational stories. Intrigue and mystery will keep you turning the pages. #amreading #booktalktuesday

A Silken Thread

By Kim Vogel Sawyer, WaterBrook Press, 352 pages.

When Laurel Millard’s much older siblings visit in masse and announce that her duty will involve taking care of their mother in her dotage, Laurel doesn’t know quite what to say. First of all, Mama doesn’t seem like she needs ‘taking care of,’ and second, what of Laurel’s dreams of raising a family of her own?

Her siblings, who know how to bully a girl, make Laurel promise to do their will (and promise not to tell Mama about the conversation, either). Laurel decides to keep her promise, but to do it her way—find a wealthy husband who will take care of both her and Mama. When she despairs of ever finding a beau in her limited circle of church acquaintances, Mama suggests that Laurel apply for a job as a weaver at the Cotton Exhibition.

When Laurel gets the job, a world of opportunities open up before her. The very wealthy Langdon Rochester takes a shine to her, and monopolizes her break times with his charming presence. Laurel wonders if Langdon will want to court her and solve her problems with her siblings.

Willie Sharpe, the guard assigned to the Silk Room, also draws her interest. His kind ways and genuine interest in her as a person warm her heart, but alas, he doesn’t come from wealth.

Growing up poor, Willie knows the struggles of trying to get ahead. His job as a guard at the Cotton Exhibition will help pay for the medical care for his beloved father. But working at the Cotton Exhibition also shows him a different side of people—a hateful side he never noticed before.

Above all, Willie wants to do the right thing—even though it may cost him his job or his standing with his coworkers.

Who Will Enjoy This Book?

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Looking for a clean historical romance? Check out these two new releases that will delight both young adult and adult lovers of inspirational stories. Intrigue and mystery will keep you turning the pages. #amreading #booktalktuesday

A sweet historical that girls as young as 14 or 15 will enjoy. The author uses the characters to bring up important topics such as manipulative relationships, forgiveness, and race relations—all without coming off as preachy.

The author develops the characters fully, and draws readers into this sweet historical romance.

The White City: True Colors: Historical Stories of True Crime

By Grace Hitchcock, Barbour Press, 256 pages

Winnifred Wylde wants nothing more than to earn the love of her father, Inspector Wylde of the Chicago Police Department. But it’s 1893, and men in general tend to think that women need rescuing, not respect. When Winnifred sees a woman abducted at gunpoint while visiting the World’s Fair, she ditches her date and heads straight to her father.

Surely he’ll believe her and send out search parties for the missing woman. But he doesn’t. He does humor her and allow her to dig around a bit herself, never dreaming that she’ll find clues. And he does provide personal protection in the form of the handsome Detective Jude Thorpe, newly hired from the New York City force.

She cajoles Detective Thorpe to assist her investigation, and eventually convinces her father to let her take an undercover job. Winnie prefers working undercover to meeting another of her Aunt Lillian’s line of prospective suitors. All she wants in a husband is someone who values her for her entire self—the book-loving, mystery-hunting, adventure-seeking, compassionate woman who doesn’t want to listen to another insipid conversation ever again.

The more time Jude spends in Winnifred’s company, the more he comes to admire and care for her. But he knows her father will never see him as a prospective suitor. After all, he doesn’t come from a monied background and has no social standing.

And Winnifred’s latest suitor seems to have everything Jude doesn’t. Besides, Jude’s promised himself to solve the mystery of his brother-in-law’s death, and he doesn’t have time for romance. But the more time he spend in Winnie’s company, the more he wonders if he can maintain his distance. Especially when she seems to have a knack for stumbling into danger.

Historical Romance Meets Real History

Readers who love suspense and true crime will enjoy this historical romance. Young adult readers will find the differences between life and relationships during this era and the modern day fascinating.

Having read Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City, I wasn’t sure how a work of fiction involving H.H. Holmes would turn out. The author did a nice job of maintaining historical accuracy. She keeps the historical facts surrounding H.H. Holmes accurate whilst making him the antagonist of her story.

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