Contemporary Christian Novels to Finish Out the Summer

Looking for a good contemporary Christian novel to keep you entertained as summer winds down? Check out these two new releases! #amreading #TBRList #bookreview #WW2novel #Relationships #Suspense

Looking for a good contemporary Christian novel to keep you entertained as summer winds down? Check out these two new releases!

I receive free electronic advanced reader copies of these books through an arrangement between the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion on NetGalley’s website. I only review books on my blog that I really love.

Looking for a good contemporary Christian novel to keep you entertained as summer winds down? Check out these two new releases! #amreading #TBRList #bookreview #WW2novel #Relationships #Suspense

If You Love Contemporary Christian Fiction, You’ll Love these Books

Ok, so the second book has a nice blend of contemporary and historical, but both books fall firmly in the contemporary christian fiction category. Or maybe they call it inspirational fiction. Either way. If you’re not into Christian fiction, don’t write these books off. Neither author preaches, but they both write books you wouldn’t mind lending to your granny.

The Crushing Depths (Coastal Guardians Book 2)  

By Dani Pettrey, Bethany House Publishers, June 2020, 371 pages.

Rissi Dawson, a profiler for Wilmington, NC Coast Guard Investigative Services (CGIS), gets sent out to an oil-drilling platform to investigate a death along with the Coast Guard’s newest team member—Mason Rogers. She hasn’t seen Mason in ten years—ever since he aged out of the foster care system and walked out of the hell called a group home.

Rissi, two years younger than Mason, had loved him for his tender ministrations and quiet friendship during one of the darkest periods of her life. Now they have a case to work together—one that gets more and more dangerous as the minutes tick by.

Mason thought he’d lost Rissi forever, but for the last ten years he’s prayed that God will bring them together in his own good time. And that time has come. Rissi and Mason share a history that allows them to form a seamless team of investigators from day one. Together they must uncover the truth about Henry’s curse and the series of mysterious deaths aboard an oil platform before another life is lost.

If you love inspirational suspense and mystery, you’ll love this second installment in the Coastal Guardians series. You don’t need to read the first book to enjoy the second one. Each story highlights one member of the CGIS team while acting as a prequel to a new storyline.

Pettrey seamlessly weaves together faith, friendship, and food along with local color in this fast-paced book.

Check out this thrilling new suspense novel from @DaniPettrey and @Bethany_House. You'll love the mystery, relationships, and non-stop action. #amreading #bookreview Click To Tweet

Fragments of Light

By Michèle Phoenix, Thomas Nelson, July 2020, 352 pages.

Ceelie’s body betrays her—although young and healthy, she finds herself blindsided by breast cancer. Darlene, a lively older woman helps her navigate the emotions of cancer treatment and brings light to an otherwise dark situation. Ceelie’s husband of 23 years, Nate, faithfully walks the journey with her.

At the end of her treatment, instead of celebrating, Ceelie finds herself betrayed once again. When Darlene’s condition worsens, she asks Ceelie to help her investigate the disappearance of her father—a World War II war hero. Ceelie agrees on the condition that Darlene travel with her.

For her entire life, Darlene has resented the father she never knew, the father who returned from the war but disappeared without a trace. Ceelie and Darlene travel to Missouri to find answers, only to discover a greater mystery.

Will either woman find hope and healing for their great betrayals?

Who Will Love This Book

You’ll love this book if you love novels that bring history to life as well as plumb the depths of human emotions. Phoenix not only accurately portrays the emotions and despair of a woman going through cancer treatment, but she delves into what happens to the caregiver, too. As a cancer caregiver, I can relate to Nate’s emotions and the fact that all too often no one offers support for caregivers.

Interspersed with Ceelie’s story, the reader will find Cal’s story. Cal, a paratrooper deployed over France on D-Day, ends up miles from his planned landing site. Two young French girls save his life and from that moment on, Cal’s life become inextricably joined to a small family in France.

Phoenix weaves the two stories together with a masterful touch and great historical accuracy. As the last survivors of World War II pass on, their untold stories and wisdom pass along with them. Fragments of Light helps the reader understand the ethos of the Greatest Generation.

I love, love, love #FragmentsofLight a new novel by @frenchphoenix. If you're a #caregiver, you'll be able to relate. #Thomas Nelson #amreading #netgalley #bookreview Click To Tweet


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