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A Daring Venture

Elizabeth Camden
Bethany House, 352 pages, June 5, 2018.

Elizabeth Camden’s newest release, A Daring Venture, hits it out of the ballpark with humor, romance, intrigue, and inspiration.

Dr. Rosalind Werner, biochemist and crusader for clean water, has her work cut out for her. Despite the modern conveniences of life in 1908, men’s views of educated women haven’t caught up to the modern realities.

Scandal chased her and her brother Gus and his wife from Heidelberg, Germany to the country of their birth. But Rosalind wonders if she’ll ever leave the accusations and innuendo behind. All she really wants is to find a way to kill cholera before it kills more people. Working with Dr. Leal and researching the effects of chlorine on waterborne diseases has brought her untold hours of joy. When the court case they’re involved in receives a 90-day deferment, Rosalind has to meet with Nick Drake—lead consultant for the opposition.

Nick Drake, former New York City plumber and current millionaire, has never forgotten his humble roots. He has a knack for getting along with all sorts of people. He hopes that he’ll win the appointment of the coveted position of Commissioner of the State Water Board of New York. In that position, he’ll have the opportunity to ensure that millions of people receive safe, clean water pumped right to their homes.

Nick thinks that consulting with nearby Jersey City and their lawsuit against a water company that had failed to deliver on its promise of clean water will help him win the appointment. When the judge gives the water company a 90-day deferment, Nick believes his side has all but won the lawsuit.

Don't miss this intriguing new release from Elizabeth Camden! historical,inspirational,book review

When Nick and Rosalind meet at a diner, sparks fly. Rosalind represents everything Nick is looking for in a woman. Rosalind can’t believe she might have found the perfect man. But will secrets—both past and present—keep this perfect couple apart?

A Worthy Sequel

Camden has a knack for making the most obscure topics come alive—things like cholera and sewer systems. Her characters sparkle and spark from the heroine and hero to the supporting cast—even the villains have motive and depth. For Elizabeth Camden fans, this book serves as a companion to A Dangerous Legacy.

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Don't miss this intriguing new release from Elizabeth Camden! historical,inspirational,book review