If you're a fan of timeshift novels and love history, you'll enjoy this inspirational novel! #timeshiftnovel #inspy #historical #amreading #bookreview #netgalley #CivilWar

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If you’re a fan of timeshift novels and love history, you’ll enjoy this inspirational novel!

If you're a fan of timeshift novels and love history, you'll enjoy this inspirational novel! #timeshiftnovel #inspy #historical #amreading #bookreview #netgalley #CivilWar

What ARE Timeshift Novels?

Authors create timeshift novels (a new-to-me term) when they incorporate storylines that shift between eras. What happens in the earlier era has an impact on what happens in the later eras, although it may take the entire book for readers to understand the consequences of events.

Keys to Gramercy Park (Doors to the Past, Book 12)

By Candice Sue Patterson, Barbour Fiction, May 1, 2023, 256 pages.

Andrea Andrews loves digging deep into history and bringing to light facts which will help her readers understand the present. Her job as an investigative historical journalist for The Smithsonian allows her to research and write—but it doesn’t pay the bills. If she can write the perfect piece, she has a chance to secure a promotion and quit her part-time waitressing job.

When she discovers a bundle of Civil War-era counterfeit money hidden in the wall of her New York City apartment, she hopes it will provide the basis for a story her editor can’t turn down. She never expects the money to bring her in contact with the man of her dreams.

Beau Davidson-Quincy has a passion for people and helping them through politics. As he gears up for a gubernatorial race, he discovers the first woman who doesn’t know who he is—a wealthy, sought-after bachelor. Intrigued, he asks her out, only to get turned down. When he crosses paths with her again, she asks for his help unraveling a centuries-old mystery.

He has no idea the mystery could damage his family’s sterling reputation.

During the Civil War, twins Edward and Franklin Davidson choose different paths. Edward goes West to avoid enlistment, and Franklin loses his leg during a battle. The cipher and the golden boy—brought up by the same violent father but the results turn out worlds apart.

When Edward has a chance to remake himself, he takes it. His violent act will remain secret for over two hundred years.

What I Liked About This Book

Patterson’s intriguing premise provides mystery and tension during the Civil War era parts of this novel. Her attention to historical detail is perfect for history buffs. The modern romance is sweet and clean. Fans of Kristi Cambron and Jamie Jo Wright will enjoy this book.

If you're a fan of timeshift novels and love history, you'll enjoy this inspirational novel! #timeshiftnovel #inspy #historical #amreading #bookreview #netgalley #CivilWar

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