Do you need more coffee or more rest? Making Sabbath rest a part of your life might bring your more energy than another cup of joe. #rest #sabbathrest #coffee

Drink Coffee—Do Stupid Things Faster with More Energy.

The first time I saw this sign I almost snorted coffee out of my nose. Although I found it hilarious, coffee doesn’t really do that to me. I drank regular coffee for 10 years—after all, teachers tend to mainline it—until a friend introduced me to lattes. For another five years I had to have my morning and afternoon latte in order to make it through the day.

Do you need more coffee or more rest? Making Sabbath rest a part of your life might bring your more energy than another cup of joe. #rest #sabbathrest #coffee

The coffee didn’t give me more energy, or make me do stupid things faster. It simply provided a break in my day. I thought it had no control over me, until I discovered that missing my espresso with foamed milk gave me a headache and made me grumpy. And so, I slowly switched to decaf.

Now I have my morning and afternoon latte with decaf and a dash of cayenne. I enjoy the ritual of making the latte, and sitting down for at least 15 minutes as I enjoy it. It gives me a tiny island of rest in which to catch my breath before I plow through my afternoon activities.

When I travel and need toothpicks to prop my eyelids open, I’ll drink the occasional caffeinated latte. But now that I’ve weaned myself, it seems to give me low blood sugar—which does make me do stupid things.

Sitting Problems

Lately I’ve had problems sitting still. As in, if I sit still, I can’t keep my eyes open. I don’t need more coffee, though, I need more rest.

One of my goals this year is to get more sleep each night, more exercise each day, and to eat more good things. God gave us sleep and Sabbath rest so that we could rejuvenate and have more energy to serve him.

I kind of see Sabbath rest as a heavenly latte (decaf, of course). We need to schedule it into our lives and seek it weekly if we want the full effect. When we practice holistic self-care, we make time for Sabbath rest.

We can only live on more coffee for so long before we crash and burn. Likewise, we can only live without Sabbath rest for so long before we crash and burn.

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I invite you to sit down with a latte (decaf, of course) and contemplate what Sabbath rest really means. Try it. You’ll like it. You’ll have more energy without the threat of doing stupid things!

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  1. My body’s in rebellion,
    at war with what was me
    and it’s become a hellion,
    dictating what shall be.
    The energy of yore
    has been long forgotten
    and there is now no store
    of strength to be gotten.
    Coffee will not help, but
    how ’bout some benzedrine?
    Some uppers sure would put
    me back into the scene!
    I suspect cancer’s been a test
    that God gave, to teach me rest.

  2. Anita, when I saw your beautiful face at Five Minute Friday, I had to come here, and I’m so glad I did! (Drink More Coffee and Do Stupid Things Faster??? That is HILARIOUS!)

    I also have made it a goal to get more sleep this year, trying to go to bed earlier. More sleep makes me more effective and more happy! (I know it’s “happier,” but you know, “MORE.”) I hope you have a great weekend, Anita, with more of that Sabbath rest we all need!

  3. This sign is in the staff room at school, how appropriate for teachers. 🙂
    But I agree with you, coffee for me is about more making and enjoying it, a small break in a busy day.

  4. I love the quote! And it’s true, we should be looking to get more rest rather than turning to caffeine. Getting more sleep is something I am trying to focus on just now as well.

  5. I have the luxury of sleeping with no alarm now that I’m retired and what a difference it has made in my quality and quantity of sleep! What I need to do more of is embracing Sabbath rest! Resting in God rather than the bed! Thank you for this reminder!
    P.S. I do love my coffee to start the day! The stupid things? Not so much!

  6. Yes! Lattes are my think. I like that they don’t really have a coffee taste. I want to take time for more sabbath rest too. I’m in the 39 spot this week.

  7. I, too, love the making of my coffee – the ritual and the break. I so enjoy starting my morning – with coffees – with my husband. The experience is much more satisfying than the actual liquid! And glad they do not bother me or my sleep (yet)!

  8. I’m reading your post as I drink my fourth cup of coffee, hmmm…..
    We just finished the Breathe study, by Priscilla Shirer, and learned to look at Sabbath rest through a new lense. I believe we need it because God calls us to rest in His care, gifts and control. Knowing what He’s provided, maybe most importantly the control part, seems to allow that Sabbath rest to be enjoyed a bit easier in His presence.

  9. It’s actual, we ought to be hoping to get more rest as opposed to going to caffeine. Getting more rest is something I am attempting to concentrate on a little while ago too. I have the advantage of laying down with no caution since I’m resigned and what a distinction it has made in my quality and amount of rest! What I have to accomplish a greater amount of is grasping Sabbath rest! Resting in God instead of the bed.

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