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A Lonely Heroine

“When does Melanie Dickerson’s next book come out?” one of my students asked me the last day of school.

“Not until June 26,” I told her.

Her crestfallen face made me assure her, “Don’t worry, you’ll be here for leadership session when it comes out! Maybe you won’t have to wait until August to read it!”

We went on to discuss the cover of The Orphan’s Wish (she loved it), and that it would retell Aladdin’s story (which I confess I don’t know very well, having never seen the Disney movie). I didn’t tell her that I had an advanced copy of the book and would read it just as soon as school released for the summer. It’s not nice to brag.

The Orphan’s Wish continues the Hagenheim saga, this time featuring Kirstyn, one of the middle children of Duke Wilhelm and Lady Rose. As the middle child, she often feels overlooked and underappreciated in her large and rambunctious family. Her elder siblings have lives of their own, and her younger siblings are too young to understand her.

Her young life changes one day while visiting the local orphanage when she makes friends with a young Saracen named Aladdin. Their friendship blossoms over the years as they become best friends.

A Lonely Orphan

If you're looking for a great YA book, don't miss Melanie Dickerson's latest release, #TheOrphansWish #amreadingFrom the day his mother died, Aladdin has longed for the security that a family provides. As his friendship with Lady Kirstyn grows over the years, he realizes that most of all, he wants to earn the respect of Duke Wilhelm and earn Lady Kirstyn’s hand in marriage. Although he seems successful at everything he does, he never feels worthy of the Duke’s respect.

When he decides to leave Hagenheim in search of fortune, Aladdin can scarce handle leaving lady Kirstyn behind. But he knows that without making a name for himself, Duke Wilhelm will never accept him as a suitor.

Unfortunately, his leaving triggers a series of events that puts Lady Kirstyn’s life in danger. Will Aladdin find her before it’s too late?

Enduring Truths and Universal Lessons

My students’ devotion to Dickerson and her retelling of fairy tales tells me something important about her stories. They not only entertain young (and old) readers, but they call people to a better way of solving problems without preaching or nagging.

Rather than touting self-reliance at the expense of everyone else or calling on superpowers to solve their problems, Dickerson’s characters learn to lean on each other and their faith in God when hard times come. Aladdin and Kirstyn learn the value of friendship, faith, and honesty in this enduring tale.

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