Facts About Faithful Finish Lines


I am excited to be an affiliate for this great program! It embodies my philosophy of taking baby steps in a variety of areas in order to gain life-time healthy(er) habits. If you choose to purchase the program, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

What is included in the Faithful Finish Lines 7 week program?

  • Lifetime access to the entire 7 Weeks to Christian Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, & Fitness course
  • Downloadable memory verses, goals, and worksheets
  • A supportive, private community Facebook group, and live chats to help you achieve your specific fitness and healthy eating goals.

What bonuses are included with the program?

Registering for the program will not only give you access to all 7 modules with goals, Scripture, encouragement, and worksheets, but you’ll also get these bonuses for free. Including…

  • 30-Day Weight Loss Devotional
    This 30-day journey offers you a daily Bible verse and short prayer. It will walk you through practical steps you can take to change your health, but will also give you heartwarming encouragement and personal stories from my own 100-pound weight loss journey that will help you break the chains tying your worth to the number on your scale.
  • Quinoa Bites eCookbook: Quinoa bites are a protein-packed, healthy, and delicious dish that both kids and adults love. They can be eaten straight out of the oven or made ahead of time for an easy to grab snack, quick lunch, or healthy dinner. The best part about them? The flavor combinations are endless! This ebook has 10 quinoa bite recipes to please even picky eaters, from Quinoa Pizza Bites to Barbecue Chicken Quinoa Bites.
  • Printable Fitness Tracker: Tracking your workouts is one of the best things you can do to stay motivated and be consistent in your workouts. Use this simple fitness tracker to help you stay on track in your healthy lifestyle!
  • Lifetime Access and Free Updates to the Course: We regularly check the course to add to, improve on, and update things to make sure they are as helpful for you as they can be. You will always have access to the most up-to-date posts, printables, and videos for free!

Do I need to be able to run or walk a 5k to participate in the Faithful Finish Lines program?

No! We understand that due to health issues, time constraints, or personal preference, you might not run or complete a 5K.

You will need to commit to an alternate exercise program that:
Includes exercise 3-4x per week with sessions of 30 minutes (or building up to) in duration

Over the 7 weeks, your program should gradually build to a goal of some type.

The goal should be an event (a formal event or something you create for yourself) that has aspects of mission and fun.

During weeks one and two of the materials we outline more specifically how to choose a goal and alternate exercise options if participating in a 5K is not your preference. We might decide to walk or run a virtual 5K as a group, all going out to walk or walk/run on treadmills at the same time on the same day. Maybe you will choose to swim or use a stationary bike. Maybe you will sign up for a 5K race in your area. Lots of options are available for you, but you will need to build toward a specific goal of some type, so be thinking about what you plan to accomplish.

Can the program be given as a gift?

Yes. Email us at sara@saraborgstede.com to arrange gift-giving details before making a purchase.

  • Can I becoming a Faithful Finish Lines member if I’m using another Eating Program (Weight Watchers, Daniel Plan, Paleo, etc.)?
    Yes. Each week includes Eating for Energy goals but not a specific eating program. These goals include healthy steps such as eliminating calories from beverages, eating whole, clean foods instead of processed ones, and reducing sugar in our diets.
  • What if I want to do this program, but I can’t afford it? Do you offer scholarships?
    Our family has been in tight financial spots before, so I understand there might be situations where the investment is a stretch. However, one reason for including the payment is you need to invest yourself into this program. I’ve been part of programs before where I invested a hefty amount — believe me, after I laid down my hard-earned money, I was committed to making it work.
    The investment in this program is worth it. YOU are worth it.

Additional questions?
Email: sara@saraborgstede.com

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