Discover the antidote to the blues and explore something new today. #FJCruiser #springwheeling #christianwalk #AZ #explore #adventures #getlost #faith #newsong #mentalhealth

Discover the antidote to the blues and explore something new today.

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Discover the antidote to the blues and explore something new today. #FJCruiser #springwheeling #christianwalk #AZ #explore #adventures #getlost #faith #newsong #mentalhealth

Feeling Blah

“Want to go off-roading tomorrow?” Pedro asked me last Friday.

“Sure,” I said. Secretly, I didn’t feel like going anywhere. Not even birding sounded exciting. All the changes and turmoil of trying to sell a house had left me feeling a little blah. But I know myself. For me, the antidote to feeling blah involves exploring something new.

The next morning, we loaded up our ‘quads’ (F.J. Cruisers) and took off for the mountains. Pedro wanted to show me a new area he discovered the previous week. He promised melting snowbanks, mud, and the chance to explore something new.

My 4-wheeling skills don’t come close to matching Pedro’s, but we have a trip planned for early June, so I need practice. As we entered the forest and found the road, I stopped and rolled down my windows. The smells of sun-warmed pine trees, melting snow, and new life.

A tiny spot of bright yellow caught my eye, so I jumped out of the FJ. Tiny yellow blossoms pushed through the forest floor.

Further down the road, Pedro stopped on the far side of a water crossing and radioed me. “Roll down your windows,” he said.  

A chorus of frogs (or toads) serenaded us. After getting stuck (and unstuck) in multiple snowbanks, we stopped for a picnic and climbed a nearby hill. The view from 8000 feet spread out before us, wrapping us in wonder.

Finally, the depth of the snowbanks stopped our forward progress. Along the way, we perfected a method of staying hooked together that allowed us to break through deep snow. Pedro would lead, and when he got stuck, I would pull him out with my FJ. If my tires strayed from the ruts, he would pull me out.

Explore Something New for a Mood Boost

We arrived home as the sun dropped below the horizon in a fiery ball. I knew the next day would include hours of power-washing mud off my FJ, but it didn’t matter. My energy and good mood had returned during our adventure.

I’ve discovered over the years the value of getting out of my comfort zone when I feel blah or notice a case of the blues creeping up. If you want to boost your mood, explore something new. You don’t have to go off-roading, either.

Explore something new in the kitchen, visit a new-to-you park, or try a new activity. Take a different route to work and ask God to keep your eyes open to the beauty around you. I like to think of trying new things as a way of singing a new song to God.

Sing a new song to the Lord! Let the whole earth sing to the Lord!

Psalm 96:1 NLT

When I cling to my routines and methods of doing things, I make it difficult for God to show me the new things he wants to do in my life. What would you like to explore this week?


  1. Anita, your day out sounds amazing! I did something similar recently with my youngest daughters, and it was such a good way to lift the mood of us all. Thanks for sharing. Your FMF neighbour from #4 this week.

  2. I love discovering new things and going to new places, and learning and singing new songs! So glad God is always doing new things and inviting us to enjoy his creativity!

    Stopping by (late) from FMF#15
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