Find Out Another Word for Full and Why it Matters

The day after Thanksgiving might not be a good time to talk about another word for full. Or maybe it's the best time. As the Holiday season kicks off, here's a new way to stay full. #BlackFriday #FMFParty #Challenge

The day after Thanksgiving might not be a good time to talk about another word for full. Or maybe it’s the best time. As the Holiday season kicks off, here’s a new way to stay full.

Thanksgiving Dinner Table Talk

“Man, I am so full!” Pedro exclaimed.

“No room for pie?” I teased.

“I always have room for pie,” he assured me. “You know the worst part of getting older?”


“I get full sooner. I haven’t even had seconds yet and I feel stuffed.”

I nodded in agreement. “Maybe we just listen to our bodies better.”

“Maybe. But I still think I just can’t eat as much.”

“Full implies that you have no more room for pie, though,” I teased.

“Ok. I’m replete. How’s that for another word for full?”

Replete. Another Word for Full

As I word geek, I had to check his use with my handy dictionary app. “It says here that it means, “abundantly supplied or provided for.”

“Ah-ha! It works!”

“And the second definition sounds a lot like full, “stuffed or gorged with food or drink.”

I served the pie, and we agreed on a walk as soon as we finished. Secretly, I agreed with him. I remembered eating plates of food as a child and still having room for a sample slice of every kind of pie. But not anymore.

Gorged on Consumerism

The next morning I scanned through my email and groaned at the hundreds of Black Friday deals, coupons, and advertisements. I’ve ‘done’ Black Friday a time or two, but as I age, I’ve discovered that I’d rather go for a hike outside or hole up in the house playing games with family.

Isaiah 2:8 seems like an appropriate verse for the Black Friday shopping frenzy.

Their land is full of idols; the people worship things they have made with their own hands.


It seems as if advertisers and retailers think consumers are never full. Maybe we all need another word for full, along with a different focus during this season of acquisition and giving.

I like the word ‘replete.’’s third definition of ‘full?’ Complete. The first and third definitions of replete make it the perfect word to replace full.

“I feel replete with all that God has provided.”

In looking for another word for full, I feel like I’ve found one that should define my relationship with God. I don’t need more because I lack nothing that really matters.

To keep myself focused on my repleteness, I’m reading and copying a passage of scripture in my journal each day of December. Join me in the Jesus, Light of the World reading challenge.

You can save the graphic or join the challenge by clicking here.

My prayer for each of you is that you draw closer to the Light of the World during the holiday season and stress less about the world’s definition of ‘full.’ Focus on another word for full. May you find yourself replete with God’s love instead of stuffed with things.

The Light of the World Bible reading for December will help you focus on what's important this holiday season. Stop by for three more self-care activities to keep you centered and present. #selfcare #holidays #christmas #readingplan #December #KeepChristinChristmas
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  1. I love this! Yes, our lives can be replete. I always love thinking about full as in the fullness of time. Jesus came to earth in the fullness of time, the appropriate time, the ideal time, the ordained and perfect time. When a woman reaches 38 weeks of pregnancy, she is considered full term. Full as in complete and ready is a wonderful way to think about our lives.

  2. From one word geek to another, thank you! And when we look up “abundantly” we find “present in great quantity; more than adequate; oversufficient”. Yes, I’d say replete describes our relationship with our Lord. Perfectly.

  3. I’ve never done Black Friday;
    I do not care for toys or bling,
    and will not spoil a holiday
    with the whole mall-madness thing.
    I’d rather spend the day at home
    hanging with my dogs and wife,
    adding to my poetic tome,
    and Internet-shopping Barb a knife.
    It’s dark when she gets off of work,
    and has to walk out to her car,
    so if she meets some evil jerk,
    it’s gonna be, “Hi guy, have a Ka-bar!”
    She’s real cool, to keep it real
    with some USMC fighting steel.

    The Ka-bar is the classic Marine Corps fighting knife; it has the profile of a Bowie, but is much better balanced.

  4. We did brave the black Friday stores but only for awhile. We made time for outdoor play as well. I like the commentary on Thanksgiving. Visiting from the FMF post on FB. Jennifer

  5. Oh Anita, if I had of read this 2 hours ago I would be with you in the Reading Plan this month. The Lord us speaking to me about self control at the moment, so I’ve just started a deep dive reading plan on it. I love what you’ve had to share about fullness, and I love your reading plan too. I’ve shared your post on Twitter, I hope many join you. Bless you xx

  6. Anita, I’ve been reading a beautiful convicting book called, Braiding Sweetgrass which spoke to me just today about this theme: ” It is as if we’ve been invited to a feast, but the table is laid with food that nourishes only emptiness, the black hole of the stomach that never fills.”

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