Vacation Hangry

We’ve all had a case of hangry during vacations. Routines get disrupted, no one can agree on where or what to eat, and a case of hangry breaks out. We learn to carry snacks and plan ahead more, because nothing ruins a good time more than a car full of hangry people.

How to avoid becoming heavenly hangry during vacation. #vacation #hangryBut have you ever considered what happens when you skip your spiritual routines while on vacation? At home, I love spending a quiet hour studying my Bible, reflecting, praying, and journaling. I have a home office with a comfy rocker and a side table, and I retreat there each morning before anyone else wakes up.

At this stage of life, I know myself well enough to know that when I miss this time alone with God, I’m not a pretty person. I get flustered, distracted, snappy, and grumpy. And because I don’t like myself when I act that way, I get even more flustered, distracted, snappy, and grumpy. I liken it to a case of heavenly hangry.

Part of my need for solitude with God arises from my introverted personality. I need to recharge before spending time with others. Time with my best friend provides the charge that I need to face whatever might arise. Combine my introvert tendencies with the reality of most family vacations, and I realize a disaster lurks if I don’t maintain my routine. Vacation, after all, usually means large doses of family in cramped quarters for long periods of time.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my family and I love spending time with them, but I also need time alone to recharge! I’ve found five simple tips to helping me maintain my spiritual routine during my vacation.

Tips for Avoiding a Case of Heavenly Hangry

1. Plan ahead. I know it sounds simple, but two years ago when we took our first vacation to Alaska, I resolved to keep up my daily time with God. By envisioning myself spending sweet time alone with God, I found it easier to actually stick to my routine.

2. Keep it simple. Vacationing people have to minimize on stuff during vacation. That meant that I left my bulky Bible and giant collection of highlighters and colored pencils at home. I used the YouVersion Bible app and the verse of the day as the basis for my devotions.

3. Redefine ‘quiet.’ I get up earlier than everyone else and find a quiet place for my devotions. I have to redefine ‘quiet,’ though. Starbucks is quiet if no one knows me. A hotel lobby or even my car will suffice.

4. Develop a routine. I purchased a simple journal and came up with the ‘vacation devotion’ format. I write in the place and date at the top of the page, and then list 5-10 things for which I am grateful. Next, I copy down the verse of the day, and spend time contemplating and writing about how it applies to my life that day. I finish by praying (for me, that looks like writing) for specific events, people, and situations.

5. Keep a sense of wonder and worship. Because we tend to vacation in wild and beautiful places, I maintain a sense of awe and wonder throughout the day. Glaciers, grizzlies, minute wildflowers, thundering waterfalls, and towering mountains remind me of my Creator throughout the day as I drive and hike.

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Here are some of the wonders I’ve seen this week (in addition to the bears in the graphics)!

hangry hangry hangry hangry

What routines and habits have you found helpful when you vacation?

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  1. I love the sound of your vacation devotional routine, particularly the focus on gratitude and the simplified approach to just a few verses written down. It’s good to shake up our routine, and vacation is the perfect opportunity.
    Michele Morin recently posted…A Praying LifeMy Profile

  2. Great post Anita, I agree I don’t like me when I hangry either! I always need that time with the Lord too 😀

    Remember you’re always welcome to drop by for a cuppa,

  3. Anita, this is a much needed post as I have been wondering how I would manage “quiet time” on our vacation in a few weeks. A simplified approach was the suggestion is the perfect approach for this year. Much appreciated!
    Joanne Viola recently posted…Our Stories Are NeededMy Profile

  4. I love the description of being “spiritually hangry” and your tips to avoid it are helpful. Planning in advance and realising we might need to simplify things definitely makes it easier to make time with God a priority. The photos you shared are stunning and I definitely find time appreciating creation draws me closer to God.

  5. I love this analogy! And the reminder, too, that our devotional time while on vacation may be a little different than usual – just like the rest of our routines. But we need it as much as we need our other provisions.
    Barbara Harper recently posted…Active FaithMy Profile

  6. Anita, I am always awed by your photos! I love your tips. They would be good anytime, not just for vacation. I might have to “redefine quiet” even here at home to find that quiet time. All the tips are good, but I especially like keeping a sense of wonder. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Blessings to you!

  7. I always keep snacks with my on vacation so I won’t get hangry, but I love applying this to spiritual hangry as well! Thanks for these insights, Anita!

  8. Dear Anita, what a wonderful connection between vacation hangry and spiritual cranky. Satan will do whatever it takes to get us off course. Your tips are like armor against the hangries. Thanks and blessings for sharing your wisdom!

    1. Hey, Sonja :). ‘Hangry’ is a relatively new word that describes how a person gets irritated when their blood-sugar levels drop (when they need to eat and are hungry).

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