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This week you’ll learn how to put the information that Pinterest loves in the right places so that your Find out how to make your blog graphics Pinterest friendly! #Pinterest #Blogger #GrannyGeekblog’s pins will look even more amazing. Last week, you learned that Pinterest isn’t a social media outlet (think of it as Google and Evernote getting together and having a baby). You also learned about the best practices for creating a good graphic

I blog using self-hosted WordPress sites (yes, I have more than one blog). If you’d like to learn how to choose a hosting site, install WordPress, and basically get started with all the essential plug-ins, bells and whistles, you can sign up for a free class here. It took me awhile to figure out that what I put in the different lines of information for each photo in my media library made a difference in what people saw when a graphic got pinned.

I’ll share the steps I take to ensure that my graphics have all the right ‘stuff’ attached to them before I hit publish on my blog posts.

Steps to Take for Every Graphic You Want Pinned

1. First, create your awesome portrait-oriented graphic (735 X 1102 pixels works well). Next, go to your blog post in your self-hosted WordPress site and click next to the words where you want to see your graphic on your blog post.

Discover how to have pinnable graphics with the right information for Pinterest. #pinterest

2. Next, click on the “Add Media” button (usually found in the upper left area of your post composer page).

3. You’ll see a panel like this pop up and cover your blog post:

Tips for making your blog graphics pinnable. #pinterest #blogger


First, you’ll need to import that graphic—which is simple for WordPress users—just drag and drop the graphics onto the Media Library panel. Next, fill in the information for your pin in the Alt Text box.

Aim for information and a promise—what will pinners find if they click the link? For example, “Click to find instructions on how to make your graphics pinnable. #pinterest #beginningblogger” Notice that I used some hashtags to help Pinterest categorize my graphic in its search engine.

4. Once you’ve written a great description of your blog post and added a few hashtags, in the Alt Text box (you can always edit it later), click the ‘Insert into post’ box.

5. Finish placing and resizing your graphic. After you insert the graphic, the page will automatically switch to your computer window. You can click on the graphic and change its placement or size.

Come back next week to find out how to clean up your Pinterest act and go from 2K impressions a month to 132K impressions per month.

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  1. You’ve got my attention.
    I just had to start all over again on Pinterest (long story), and so I’m trying to do it right this time.
    Like actually trying to use my account.
    I’ve followed you and noticed you have a “business” set up. Is that what you recommend?
    Michele Morin recently posted…Happy Mother’s Day!My Profile

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