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“Whatever happens today, tomorrow, this week, next week, or twenty years from now,” I said, “remember that you are loved.”

What are the seven most important words in the English language? I choose these seven. #backtoschool #family #loveI stood in front of 70 students and 20 staff members trying to facilitate the beginning-of-the-year school rules exercise. The room felt snug and a bit muggy. Ripe little bodies wiggled and released their scents on the faint breeze from an open window.

Returning students nodded slightly at my words. New students looked a bit stunned.

“I love you.” I searched around the room to catch a few eyes before continuing. “Each staff member loves you. Most of all, God loves you.” I hope my words had meaning for them.

More kids nodded. The stunned eyes turned questioning. I wondered which newcomers knew about Jesus.

I tried speaking again, but struggled to get words past the rock in my throat. I don’t usually bust out in ‘I love yous’ to strangers on the first day I meet them. I know I don’t say the words enough to the people closest to me.

“You might annoy us at times, and we may get angry with you for a time, but above all, know that you are loved.”

The Seven Most Important Words

Life is short. We don’t have time to waste. We need to let people know that someone loves them. The seven most important words we can tell another person are simple: I believe in you. You are loved.

Discover the seven most important words in the English language. They'll change your life. #backtoschool #loved Click To Tweet

Even if we don’t feel particular love for someone, we can know with certainty that God loves them. Our emotions will catch up to our calling. If the person in question acts like a stinker, it might take lots of prayer. But because God has infinite grace for us in our stinkerhood, we can love other little stinkers.

We can believe in them because God believes in them. Sometimes, we need to just put our own feelings aside and grab ahold of some heavenly confidence.

I have no idea if my words will make a difference, but I know that love is on the table. My actions might hide it at times. If they do, I hope a student points it out to me. Above all, I want to wear love like a comfy pair of jeans and share it like a plate of hot chocolate chip cookies.

I want to wear love like a comfy pair of jeans and share it like a plate of hot chocolate chip cookies. #backtoschool #love Click To Tweet

It seems like a good way to start a school year.


  1. Many people are not convinced of this…I think it’s beautiful that you start off making sure all of those kids know that. Many may not get that at home. People need love – ours, and, more importantly, God’s 💗

  2. Love this, Anita! Blessings as you show the love of Jesus to every one you come in contact with. You make such a difference in these lives.

    I do agree that if we all said it and lived it more the world would be transformed.

  3. Above all, children, no everyone, needs to know they are loved! I believe that with all my heart and like you, always strived to be sure my school kids and my own kids had no doubt about it! Just think if we all used your seven words regularly what a difference we could make in the world!

  4. Some heavenly confidence. Amen to that. Hey, just fyi, I wasn’t the one feeling unloved this week it was my Hannah girl – so the pain was even more intense. SO HARD.

  5. So true! I always tell my Confirmation students, never forget that God loves you. It’s a promise we can never break. I’m in the 33 spot this week.

  6. I believe in YOU, my daughter, and I love you for struggling to get those words out past the rock in your throat.
    We introverts needs to say those words more often, it have a tendency to clear the throat, making it easier to say the next time.
    Love, poppy don

  7. How wonderful if more of our students (and staff) had more teachers and co-workers willingly to share love…and the love of Christ with them! Praying you have a wonderful year ahead!!

  8. I am sure that your words make a difference. How awesome for you to be able to share these very important thoughts with the kids, and the adults, in your school. We need more teachers like you in our school systems. May the Lord bless your year!

  9. I love this, Anita. You have such an amazing platform and you use it so well. (And I don’t mean just the school.) You teach so many and you teach them (me) so much! Thank you.

  10. Wear love life a comfy pair of jeans. Love this, Anita. Gonna be praying for you this school year. Putting your name in my prayer journal right now. Please feel free to share with me any specific need that I can pray about. .. Even through fit bit in the morning when you shout out to me.

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