speakI realized that I haven’t explained the whole Five-Minute Friday thing at this blog for a long time. Every Thursday night, interested writers may log on to Twitter and search for the hashtag #fmfparty at around 6 PST. You may lurk, say hello, or just introduce yourself and the gang will strike up a conversation.

About an hour after the party starts, our fearless leader, Kate Motaung, will announce the prompt for the week. Twitter falls silent as everyone rushes to begin writing. Set your timer for five minutes and start to type. When the bell goes off, hit publish. Don’t forget to link up over at the Five-Minute Friday link up. Then spend time getting to know the other people in the community by visiting their blog posts and leaving a friendly and encouraging comment (go ahead and let them know what your link up number is).

In July I had the privilege of meeting Kate and a bunch of other Five-Minute Friday peeps at a weekend retreat. Pure bliss to hug my online friends and speak with them in real life.


All to often I act like a demanding fledgling instead of a mature Christian. In retrospect, I know that God speaks more often than I hear.I want God to speak to me with a
Booming voice that
Tells me where to go.

Life planned, step by step
Obvious, safe, secure,
Without dead ends,
Wrong turns or long
Pauses where I question

Instead, I hear
Whispers. But only if I
remain quiet in the storms.

Mental Illness.
Questions with no earthly answers.

Into those storms I hear him speak
Words of

“I will be with you always.”
“I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5) Duet. 31:8
“Fear not.”

I reach out my hand and
grab on to
Hope that speaks my name.

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  1. This is just SO BEAUTIFUL, Anita. You brought tears of love, faith and hope to my eyes. You’ve expressed that deep, deep longing that we all share…and that God knows we have for Him.

    And now my mascara’s running. Ah, well, the dogs don’t mind.

  2. Crazy Andrew! His mascara’s running. What a nutcase. HOPESPEAKSMYNAME and #hopechangeseverything. God speaks for sure. Everywhere. It’s in the quiet I hear Him loudest! #12 today.

  3. Anita, you words speak so true to me nut its a comfort to know that even in the times when God seems silent He is there working for our good.

  4. Hope. Assurance. Love. Rest. (And now I want an acronym. HALR…sounds like “holler”…so I’ll go current slang and say “Holla!”-that’s like “hello”, right? Like it’s supposed to be obvious?)

    You do know that He spoke “Rest” to me at the retreat, so that captured me!

    So God is hollering at us to embrace Hope, Assurance, Love, and Rest. 🙂
    Thank you, Anita.
    I embrace this message wholeheartedly.
    (#77 this week)
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