How to Link Up Your Post for Inspire Me Monday

Hey! Looks like you’re new around here, and might need some help linking up with the Inlinkz tool!

Copy Your Link

First of all you’ll want to copy the direct link to the blog post you want to add to the #InspireMeMonday link up. You can do this two ways. You can click on your post and then highlight and copy the link. OR, if you use WordPress, you can open the link in your post editing frame and click on the little “Get Shortlink” button. It looks like this:



Paste Your Link

Now you’ll want to go back to the blog post where you want to link up. Look for the little blue “Add Your Link” button. inlinkz

Once you click on the link, you’ll see an Inlinkz page like this:


You’ll want to paste the link to your blog in the line that says “Link:” (The URL of the link you are adding). Once you paste your link, click in the next box and wait a few seconds for the link-up tool to populate your link title and image sources. It will look like this:

inlinkzYou may choose any of the photos from the Image Source area (I suggest you choose your own photo ;). ). Sometimes, you’ll need to crop your photo though. Here’s how:


Just click on the crop button under the photo you want to use, and then slide the box with the dotted lines to the part of the photo you want to use. I moved the box over my face and then clicked on Done (most people can’t recognize me by my elbow ;)).

Using your face each week (instead of a graphic from your blog post) is a great way to help us get to know each other!


You’ll notice that the icon in the upper right corner now has my mug instead of a graphic from my blog post or my elbow. Easy! Now you’re ready to click on the Done button.


Just click the ‘Back to blog’ link in the upper left-hand corner of the Inlinkz panel and you’ll hop back to the blog to find other inspirational posts!



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