Need a sweet romance novel to inspire you this spring? Take your pick or east coast setting or west coast setting (or both). #sweetromancenovel #amreading #woundedwarrior #writinglife #amreading #bookssetnearthebeach #inspy #inspirational

I receive free electronic advanced reader copies of these books through an arrangement between the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion on NetGalley’s website. I only review books on my blog that I really love.

Need a sweet romance novel to inspire you this spring? Take your pick or east coast setting or west coast setting (or both). #sweetromancenovel #amreading #woundedwarrior #writinglife #amreading #bookssetnearthebeach #inspy #inspirational

There’s Something About Reading a Sweet Romance Novel in the Spring

I don’t know about you, but I tend to read mystery and suspense books in the winter and sweet romance novels in the spring. Maybe because flowers start to bloom, the air seems softer, and I hear birdsong everywhere I go. Each of the authors featured set their stories near the ocean. One takes place on the South Carolina shore, and the other in the fictional town of Hope Harbor along the Oregon Coast. If you love sweet romance novels, you’ll love either of these inspiring stories.

Windswept Way

By Irene Hannon, Fleming H Revel Co., April 4, 2023, 352 pages.

Ashley Scott’s dream job in Tennessee goes up in smoke, and the boyfriend she thought would propose dumps her. Despite the misgivings of her overbearing mother, Ashley decides to embark on an adventure.

Using money her beloved father left her, Ashley travels to the seaside town of Hope Harbor in Oregon and accepts a business proposal she can’t turn down. She and her new partner, the reclusive heir to a lumber baron’s fortune, will restore Edgecliff. Ashley’s partner wants to restore laughter to the gorgeous brick mansion built in the Queen Anne Victorian style over a century ago. 

Together, they want to create a venue for celebrations and joy. Ashley’s mother worries about Ashely’s ability to run a business. But the town of Hope Harbor seems filled with a supportive community ready to embrace a new entrepreneur.  And although Ashley has no intention of starting another relationship, her budding friendship with the mysterious landscaper adds an element of comfort to her new life.

Jonathan Gray has no intention of making himself vulnerable to other people. Even employees he’s worked with for years. From the moment his now ex-fiancée first saw his face, Jon has known his altered appearance will only bring others pain.

Exploding shells will do that to a man. Although he’s healed physically, he hasn’t healed emotionally. Moving far from home to the welcoming community of Hope Harbor has helped, but Jon still feels distant from God.   

When he takes on a new project at Edgecliff, Jon has no idea how the people he meets will stretch him and push him to live life fully once again.

What I Loved About This Book

Hannon has a knack for creating intriguing characters in need of healing and placing them in the fictional town of Hope Harbor. The ninth book in the Hope Harbor collection, Windswept Way continues the theme of second chances and overcoming heartache.

Readers will relate to Jonathan and his desire to hide his scars (both external and internal), as well as Ashley’s desire to follow her dreams despite her mother’s naysaying. If you’re looking for a feel-good, sweet romance novel, you’ll love Windswept Way.

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A Novel Proposal

By Denise Hunter, Thomas Nelson, March 21, 2023, 352 pages.

The Heroine

Sadie Goodwin writes westerns, but her publisher drops her after the lackluster sales of her first two novels. Now, she must return the advances on her third and fourth books or try. Her hand at a new genre. Sadie’s agent and editor both think she could write an impressive romance.

But at 26, Sadie has no practical experience in the romance department. She’d rather describe a shootout (something she’s never experienced) than write a romantic scene (something she also has never experienced). Her busy life as an elementary art teacher in New York City leaves her with limited funds and time.

When her best friend’s mother offers to let Sadie spend the summer at her South Carolina beach duplex, Sadie jumps at the chance. The peace and quiet should help her concentrate. Sadie doesn’t expect to find a brooding, single, and very handsome neighbor. Nor does she anticipate the consequences of putting up a little library.

Life gets even more interesting when she makes a bargain with her neighbor to help her solve a mystery in exchange for acting as his plus-one at a wedding. And distracting. With deadlines looming, Sadie decides to model her novel proposal on her real-life escapades.

The Hero

Sam Ford escapes to an island duplex to get away from the looming wedding of his ex-girlfriend to his best friend. Although a year has passed since Sam discovered the two making out on his living room couch, their relationship stings. He hopes the distance from friends and family will give him space to sort out his feelings.

Sam doesn’t know what to think when a noisy neighbor moves in next door. But the more he gets to know Sadie, the more he appreciates her quirky habits and sunny personality. Maybe it’s time to consider dating again.

But everyone knows the course of true love doesn’t run straight or easy. Will Sam and Sadie find a way to work out their differences and build a solid relationship that will stand the test of time?

What I Loved About this Book

Hunter’s sweet beach romance about writing a romance has all the requisite elements—including epigraphs at the start of each chapter on how to write a romance. The writer in me loved the lesson on romance writing, while the reader in me loved the little library. Of course, anyone who loves a sweet romance with a slow burn will love Sam and Sadie’s story.

Readers will relate to the barriers to true love—family of origin, past relationships, and long-distance dating. Fans of Emma St. Clair and Irene Hannon will enjoy A Novel Proposal.

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Need a sweet romance novel to inspire you this spring? Take your pick or east coast setting or west coast setting (or both). #sweetromancenovel #amreading #woundedwarrior #writinglife #amreading #bookssetnearthebeach #inspy #inspirational

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