Looking for good historical romance novels? Check out these three titles from some of my favorite inspirational fiction authors. #amreading #historicalromance #bookreview

Looking for good historical romance novels? Check out these three titles from some of my favorite inspirational fiction authors.

Looking for good historical romance novels? Check out these three titles from some of my favorite inspirational fiction authors. #amreading #historicalromance #bookreview

The Number of Love

Roseanna M. White, Bethany House, June 2019, 368 pages.

At 17, Margot De Wilde has one of the most important jobs in all of England during the Great War. She works for Admiral Hall in Room 40—the secret code-breaking operation. Much to Margot’s annoyance, most people assume she works as a secretary. In reality, she works with a team of cryptologists to crack Germany’s intelligence communication.

Looking for good historical romance novels? Check out these three titles from some of my favorite inspirational fiction authors. #amreading #historicalromance #bookreview

When Lieutenant Elton escorts his sister to the offices for an interview, and questions her accent, Margot gives him a sarcastic answer. When he grins in reply instead of looking befuddled, his response piques her curiosity. She sticks around for a few minutes of conversation—not her normal response to male attention.

Margot has no use for the things ‘normal’ people do—chattering about fashions and the opposite sex, mild flirtations, or inane conversations. She’d much rather spend her spare moments with her mother, or her brother and the large family he inherited when he married Willa.

Lieutenant Drake Elton leaves for another mission in Spain, knowing that his sister has a job that will keep her from starving during his absence. As he ferrets out information about a shipment of wolfram from Spain to Germany, the nameless girl’s sense of humor and beautiful brown eyes linger in his memory. He determines to find her identity and discover if she felt the same connection.

Unlike most of the population, Margot sees the world in numbers and mathematical formulas. She entered the university in Belgium before the war at the age of 13 and hopes to one day finish her studies. She dreams of teaching as a professor at a university one day—but in 1917, few women attained such a position.

Why You’ll Love this Book

If you love good historical romance novels, you’ll love this book. White gives life to an underrepresented segment of espionage during World War I: Room 40. I love this book because the main character sees the world in ways I’ve never thought of. Even better, the hero displays a willingness to learn Margot’s language of love and woo her with numbers.

It’s also the first book in the Codebreaker series, and I can’t wait to see which character from The Number of Love White Features in the next one.

If you’ve read any of Roseanna White’s Shadows Over England books, you’ll know all about Margot De Wilde. But don’t worry, you don’t have to read the other books first to enjoy this one. As always, White weaves multidimensional characters and adds the perfect touch of suspense, humor, and romance to create a beautiful whole.

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A Reluctant Bride

Jody Hedlund, Bethany House, June 2019, 352 pages.

Mercy Wilkins has never left the dirty corner of London where her parents and siblings eek out an existence. In the 1860s, London has little mercy for the poor and downtrodden. Factories lay off workers, and few people care about the plight of the poor. Many women sell their souls to save their families, but Mercy determines to go to the workhouse like her older sister, Patience, before she’ll take that route.

When Mercy overhears her parents talking about sending her ten-year-old brother to the docks to fend for himself, she knows that she’ll have to strike out on her own. Patience urges her to apply to the Columbia Mission Society and seek passage to Vancouver Island and British Columbia—where families clamor for workers.

Uneducated, and unschooled in working as a domestic, Mercy has no idea if they Society will accept her application. When they do, she assumes she’ll learn the necessary skills once she arrives.  She has no idea that the Society’s mission involves brining brides to the bachelors of British Columbia.

Dr. Joseph Colville feels overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of poor people in need of medical attention at the Shoreditch Dispensary. Although he doesn’t mind supporting his old friend, Dr. Bates, with financial gifts, he can’t commit to partnering with the aging doctor. He doesn’t want to waste his time in society, nor does he want to settle down and produce an heir. As a peer of the realm, everyone expects him to follow the prescribed course.

Instead, he feels the pull to travel and explore—to put as much space between him and his sad memories as possible. So when Captain Hellyer offers him another job as ship’s surgeon, Joseph jumps at the chance. He doesn’t find out until after he’s committed to go on the journey that the ship carries a bevy of brides.

Will Mercy’s kind heart and Lord Colville’s unorthodox views on the class system draw them together on the journey to the New World?

Don’t Miss This Good Historical Romance Novel!

Once again, Hedlund creates characters readers will cheer for and places them in unusual circumstances and settings. You’ll love the way Hedlund uses her characters to show us the importance of learning to share the burdens of our past and see ourselves as God sees us.

You’ll love this new series (The Bride Ships) that’s filled with good historical romance and inspiration.

@JodyHedlund has written another smashingly good historical romance novel. I love her attention to detail that always informs, never bores. #amreading #bookreview #historicalromance Click To Tweet

More Than Words Can Say

Karen Witemeyer, Bethany House, June 2019, 362 pages.

Abigail Kemp finds herself in hot water—the town council of Honey Grove will shut down her bakery if she doesn’t find a man to run her business. She doesn’t need a man—since her father’s death, she has managed to turn a profit just fine. But in 1896, a stubborn group of men can’t countenance a successful businesswoman.

Her younger sister Rosalind depends on her, and Abby can’t stomach the thought of selling her building and starting over somewhere else. So she does what any logical businesswoman would do. She identifies potential partners, writes up a business plan, and sets out to offer her hand in marriage to a biddable candidate.

Abigail doesn’t feel she has a lot to offer—she doesn’t have Rosie’s beauty, she’s plump, and she has no desire to subject herself to a man who only sees her worth as a vessel for producing children. One of her three potential candidates might feel desperate enough to accept her offer. She hopes.

Zach Hamilton has settled into Honey Grove just fine, despite his unusual background and dark past. He sometimes wonders what the matchmaking mamas would say if they knew the real him. When his favorite baker approaches him with a marriage proposal, he has to decide if he’s willing to give up his most precious commodity—his freedom.

Why You’ll Love This Book

Readers will love this quirky romance between two people who marry before courtship. If you’ve read Karen Witemeyer’s More Than Meets the Eye, you’ll recognize Zach. If not, no worries, this book stands alone.

I love how Witemeyer always has well-developed characters with relatable problems. She skillfully weaves spiritual truths into the story as well, while never sounding preachy or heavy-handed. Put this book on the top of your good historical romance novels to read list today!

Karen Witemeyer has done it again! A quirky heroine with the guts to make a hard decision will delight readers in More Than Words Can Say. @BethanyHouse #amreading #historicalromance #bookreview Click To Tweet

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