Looking for Suspense? You Won’t Want to Miss These Titles!

Looking for some inspirational suspense? You won't want to miss these new releases from some of my favorite Christian authors. #suspense #bookreview #amreading #inspirational #goodbook #ficiton

Looking for some inspirational suspense? You won’t want to miss these new releases from some of my favorite Christian authors.

I receive free electronic advanced reader copies of these books through an arrangement between the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion on NetGalley’s website. I only review books on my blog that I really love.

Why I Love Suspense Books

Thrillers. Suspense. Mystery. Whatever you call it, I love reading a good novel filled with suspense. Even better if the author can combine well-rounded characters with believable antagonists. Two of my favorite suspense authors have new books coming out soon, and you won’t want to miss either one.

Looking for some inspirational suspense? You won't want to miss these new releases from some of my favorite Christian authors. #suspense #bookreview #amreading #inspirational #goodbook #ficiton

Two Reasons to Run 

By Colleen Coble, Thomas Nelson, September 2020, 348 pages.

Book two of Colleen Coble’s Pelican Harbor series doesn’t disappoint. Police Chief Jane Hardy hasn’t recovered from a scandal involving a fellow police officer, false accusations against her father, and processing the one little lie her father told her fifteen years ago—that her son had died, along with her young husband. 

When her husband and son show up in the sleepy little town of Pelican Harbor, long-slumbering questions turn into nightmares. What really happened to her mother? Why did her father lie to her? How will her blossoming relationship with her son Will progress when she has so much animosity towards Reid Dixon—Will’s father?

When a young man goes missing from an oil platform, his mother fears someone murdered him—even though no one has found a body. Jane finds herself tossed in the middle of a murder investigation and a possible terrorist plot that may have the same mastermind. 

When someone threatens Will, Jane and Reid must work together to keep him safe and find the murderer. Because the killer won’t stop until they sabotage the oil platform and send tons of oil into Mobile Bay. 

Who Will Love This Book

If you love suspense novels, you’ll love book two in Coble’s latest series. The relatable heroine might deal with uncommon problems like terrorists and murderers, but she also deals with things like forgiveness and wrestling with doubts about God. 

While Reid and Jane share a history from their early lives, they have a 15-year gap in their history full of unanswered questions and past mistakes. Fans of Cara Putman, Lynette Eason, and Rachel Dylan will enjoy this series

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Everywhere to Hide 

By Siri Mitchell, Thomas Nelson, October 2020, 352 pages.

Preorder this book today! You won’t regret it. Especially if you love suspense with intriguing characters and problems.

Whitney Garrison just wants to get by. Swamped in debt from attending a prestigious university, graduate school, and then law school, she works three jobs and studies for the bar exam in every spare minute. When she passes (if she passes) she knows she’ll find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow—a lucrative job with a big law firm in Washington D.C.

Her only problem? Her ex-boyfriend. She’s taken out a restraining order, but the fear never really goes away. And then she walks out the back door of the coffee shop where she works and sees a dead man lying in the ally. Glancing up, she sees the killer before he disappears from sight. 

The killer saw her, too. Only the killer doesn’t know her secret. While he might pick her out from millions of other faces, she has no idea what he looks like. Even though she looked right at him.

When she explains why she can’t identify the dead man, nor the killer, to Detective Leo Baroni, he doesn’t believe her. After all, who can’t identify faces? But Whitney suffers from a rare neurological condition that renders human faces as unrecognizable blurs. 

Whitney fears for her safety, and at first, no one believes the killer will come after her. But strange things start happening. She convinces Detective Baroni that she needs help, and he becomes the one person she can trust as events spiral out of control.

Will they find the killer before it’s too late?

Who Will Love This Book

I love Siri Mitchell’s books, and this one ranks right up there with State of Lies. The taut action keeps the reader guessing and flipping through pages at a furious rate. Above all, Mitchell helps us understand that the entire world doesn’t see the same way. In order to get along, we have to learn to trust each other and not betray the trust given to us.  She also shows us how to give grace to ourselves for our mistakes and learn to move on.

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Looking for some inspirational suspense? You won't want to miss these new releases from some of my favorite Christian authors. #suspense #bookreview #amreading #inspirational #goodbook #ficiton


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