Looking for something to read this June? Check out these two new mystery and suspense releases. #netgalley #amreading #bookreview #mystery #suspense

I receive free electronic advanced reader copies of these books through an arrangement between the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion on NetGalley’s website. I only review books on my blog that I really love.

Looking for something to read this June? Check out these two new mystery and suspense releases. #netgalley #amreading #bookreview #mystery #suspense

Perfect Books for June

The Woman in the Green Dress

Tea Cooper, Thomas Nelson, June 2020, 330 pages.

Fleur Richards celebrates the end of the Great War with everyone else in London, knowing that any day now, her beloved husband Hugh will return. Together they’ll leave the dreary life Fleur has always known and explore Australia—Hugh’s homeland. 

But a letter awaits her in her boarding room, one that sends her to Australia alone and in search of answers. 

When Captain Stefan von Richter arrives in Sydney, Australia in 1853, he has two tasks for his patron—find the opal and transcribe his field notes. Seemingly simple tasks that turn out nowhere close to simple. 

His trek takes him to the Curio Shop of Wonders at 84 Hunter Street, and from there miles into the heart of Australia where he meets a mysterious woman. 

Two continents, two centuries, and the Curio Shop of Wonders hold this lush novel together. The mysterious opal, the possible curse, and a woman’s stubborn desire to uncover the truth will keep readers turning pages.

Why I Loved This Book

Cooper, an Australian author, also highlights Australia’s treatment of its indigenous people in this sweeping historical novel. I appreciate it when authors don’t sugarcoat history through a white lens. 

If you love Kristi Cambron, you’ll enjoy this June release from an Australian author.

Ever Faithful: A Vintage National Parks Novel

By Karen Barnett, WaterBrook, June 2020, 352 pages.

Elsie Brooks grew up in Yellowstone National Park, where he father has a job as a Ranger. With the Depression in full swing, Elsie has worked hard each summer to save money so she can attend college in Missoula, MT and fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher. But this summer has new things in store for her. 

A handsome young ranger wants to court her, her mother’s health worsens, her best friends have romantic problems, and Elsie will spend the summer at Canyon because the Mammoth Hotel will remain closed. In addition, she lands a job teaching the CCC boys in the evenings after her regular hotel job.

When her cousin Graham shows up, Elsie’s memories threaten to consume her. The secret from her past has the power to ruin her future. 

Nate Webber takes the fall in Brooklyn, NY for something his little brother did, and the police officer grants him mercy. He insists Nate apply for a work with the Civilian Conservation Core. When Nate shows up in Yellowstone National Park, he feels out of his league. In New York, everyone told him he couldn’t learn and must be dumb. But for some reason, his superiors see great leadership potential in him.

As his confidence grows, so do his responsibilities. The new responsibilities require that he write reports—and his deepest, most shameful secret may come to light. 

Why I Loved This Book

Burnett brews a cozy mix of nostalgia, mystery, and romance in this entertaining novel, one of the vintage national parks series. If the reader has visited Yellowstone, she’ll enjoy learning more about the history of a beloved park. Readers who have never visited will love the lush descriptions of iconic locations. 

Two more books in the Vintage National Parks series also debut this June, I’ll have to add them to my to be read list.

Looking for something to read this June? Check out these two new mystery and suspense releases. #netgalley #amreading #bookreview #mystery #suspense

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