Love romantic suspense novels? You'll love these two new inspiring and entertaining releases from two of my favorite authors! #LifeFlight #suspense #romanticsuspense #inspy #amreading #books #cantwaittoread #TBR

Love romantic suspense novels? You’ll love these two new inspiring and entertaining releases from two of my favorite authors!

Love romantic suspense novels? You'll love these two new inspiring and entertaining releases from two of my favorite authors! #LifeFlight #suspense #romanticsuspense #inspy #amreading #books #cantwaittoread #TBR

Love Romantic Suspense?

If you love romantic suspense, you’ll love these new novels from two of my favorite romantic suspense authors, Lynette Eason and Colleen Coble. You may wonder what a romantic suspense title entails. Plenty of spine-tingling suspense and just enough romance to provide relief from the dramatic tension. If you’ve never read books by either of these authors, and you love romantic suspense, you’re missing out!

Life Flight (Extreme Measures Book 1)

By Lynette Eason, Revell, January 2022, 336 pages.

Penny Carlton, an EMS helicopter pilot, crash-lands her helicopter on a sparsely populated mountaintop in a blinding storm. When she leaves the copter to seek help, leaving behind a critical patient and two fellow EMS nurses, she has no idea an escaped convict has headed towards the same mountain.

When serial killer Darius Rabor escapes from prison, FBI Special Agent Holton Satterfield gets called in to help hunt him down. As a member of the original team which apprehended Rabor, Holt and his partner have insight into the mind of the twisted killer.

When Holt finds out his friend, Penny Carlton, has crash-landed on the same mountain Rabor has escaped to, he prays his team will arrive before Penny becomes Rabor’s next victim. Penny saved Holt’s life a year ago, during Rabor’s first capture. Will their friendship ever have a chance to develop into something more? Or will the killer exact his revenge first?

What I Loved About This Book

Eason hits it out of the park with another romantic suspense masterpiece. Although Penny comes from a privileged background, she has made mistakes and learned to overcome them. Some of the boundaries she erects prevent her from trusting others completely, though. Holt has his own ghosts to cope with—his sister’s murder conviction, for starters. Despite their growing feelings for each other, Penny and Holt must deal with their pasts before they can contemplate a future together.

Readers who love books by Carrie Stuart Parks, Kelly Irvin, and Nancy Mehl will love this book.

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A Stranger’s Game

By Colleen Coble, Thomas Nelson, January 2022, 352 pages.

Torie Berg returns to Jekyll Island for the first time in 18 years for the worst of reasons: To investigate the death of her best friend and childhood playmate, Lisbeth Nelson. Despite what the police and news media report, Lisbeth’s drowning death was no accident.

When Torie shows up for her job at the resort where Lisbeth worked, she wonders if she’s in over her head. Someone wants her off the island as soon as she steps foot on it. Break-ins at her cottage and missing items mysteriously returned are enough to freak anyone out. Fortunately for Torie, she’s found a friend in fellow employee and neighbor Joe Abbott and his young daughter, Hailey.

When someone kidnaps Hailey, Joe and Torie band together to find who wants to silence Torie.

Joe Abbott never expects to have a second chance at love. He and Hailey have carved a life for themselves on Jekyll Island. He works part-time in resort security and trains sea lions for the Navy the rest of the time. His new neighbor, Torie Berg might just change his mind about staying single for the rest of his life.

Why I Loved This Book

Coble is the maestro of inspirational suspense, and A Stranger’s Game is no exception. Readers will relate to Torie’s need to control things—even if it keeps her from becoming the best version of herself.  The plot twists and turns in a unique setting will keep readers up late at night as they travel with the characters to the shocking conclusion.

Fans of Elizabeth Goddard and Cara Putman will enjoy this book.

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Love romantic suspense novels? You'll love these two new inspiring and entertaining releases from two of my favorite authors! #LifeFlight #suspense #romanticsuspense #inspy #amreading #books #cantwaittoread #TBR


  1. I like to read books by Lynette Eason, bestselling author of Life Flight and the Danger Never Sleeps, Blue Justice, Women of Justice, and many more. Life Flight is a heart-stopping, breath-stealing masterpiece of romantic suspense!

  2. I love romantic suspense! I am so happy I came across this post. I’ve added “A Stranger’s Game” to my TBR pile this month – thank you for the recommendation. It sounds right up my alley. I love novels that have you constantly questioning character motives and trying to unravel the thread that leads to the ultimate “aha” moments. I also love a good “will they- won’t they?”
    Happy New Year!

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