SCH 028 The Gift You Need to Give Yourself During the Holidays

Find out what gift you need to give yourself in order to thrive during the craziness between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. #holidayselfcare #podcast #selfcarehacks #selfcare #relationships #peace #joy

We don’t need more gadgets and gizmos this holiday season. Find out what gift you need to give yourself in order to thrive during the craziness between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.

Give Yourself This Gift During the Holidays

No, don’t give yourself diamonds, or an expensive gadget (although that might feel nice). Instead give yourself the gift of a self-care plan. Yep. Seems a little simplistic, I know, but including the five As in your self-care plan will make your holiday more meaningful, less stressful, and offset the overwhelm.

You aren’t selfish when you give yourself less stress and more peace of mind. You don’t have to meet some impossible standard of “Christmas” that advertisers, magazines, and family of origin traditions demand. If you want to enjoy the season, approach it with reasonable expectations. Today’s podcast will help you do just that.

Show Notes

If you’d like to include a spiritual aspect to your self-care plan for the holidays, check out this link.

You can also download the Ultimate Self-Care Checklist for free, by clicking this link.

Come Back Next Week

Do you get caught up in all the shiny things in the weeks leading up to Christmas? Advertisers push hard (after all they make the most money during this season) and they know how to push our buying buttons. I’ve fallen prey many times to thinking I need to buy all. the. things. But when the credit card bills start arriving in my mailbox, I know things have gotten out of hand. Again.

I’ve come up with a plan to help myself avoid consumerism at Christmas–maybe it will help you, too!

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  1. Hey Anita! I had a chance to listen to some of your episodes recently. I love what you’re sharing! This was a great episode, and I really appreciated the one with Michele about caring for aging parents. (Side note: I didn’t know the prefrontal cortex was also the first to go, but it makes sense!) Anyway, thanks for the work you’re doing. I often guest on podcasts and if my work ever aligns with your topics, I’d love to be your guest too! I can share about finding peace in the messiness of life, prioritizing self-care in any season by overcoming self-care myths, finding more fulfillment, or a variety of parenting topics. It’d be fun to collaborate, but honest no pressure! I’ve enjoyed linking up and getting to know you through your work. Have a great weekend!
    Marielle recently posted…3 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress with Mindfulness for Moms [The BUT Principle]My Profile

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