You can learn to lead like a woman (even if you're a man). Find out the secrets on today's podcast. #leadership #womeninleadership #womanasleaders #selfcare #selfcarehacks #selfcarehackspodcast #teacher #SAHM #CEO #lead

You can learn to lead like a woman (even if you’re a man). Find out the secrets on today’s podcast.

Who Needs to Learn How to Lead Like a Woman?

Even if we don’t get the recognition, invitations to the C-suite, or salary to match, women make powerful leaders. Whether we lead a houseful of little ones, a classroom of wiggly students, a team at work, or work for ourselves, we lead. And we can all improve our leadership skills by following three simple concepts. You’ll need to read two leadership books to understand the first two concepts completely. But don’t worry, the books don’t take long to read, they entertain the reader, and the lessons will stick.

The third self-care hack for leading like a woman involves seven simple words. By using this simple phrase, you’re guaranteed (ok, if you paid money, I could guarantee it) to become a better leader. Regardless of your Enneagram number, your personality type, or your introversion or extroversion, people like to follow those who use these seven words in authentic ways.

Show Notes

Reading books plays a huge role in my self-care routine. Sometimes I read for pleasure, other times I read to learn. These two books are chock-full of great leadership advice.

Want to make the people you lead smarter? Read this book! Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.

I love the TV show Lie to Me, and the author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People trained with the doctor the TV show is based on.

You can learn to lead like a woman (even if you're a man). Find out the secrets on today's podcast. #leadership #womeninleadership #womanasleaders #selfcare #selfcarehacks #selfcarehackspodcast #teacher #SAHM #CEO #lead

Come Back Next Week

Ever beat yourself up over gaining a pound…or two…or 22? I’ve done it. We’ve all done it. Next week’s episode will give you hacks to stop beating yourself up.

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