Check out these five actionable hacks to help you improve your health--despite the temptations of cookie exchanges and holiday meals. #holidays #healthylifestyle #selfcarehacks #selfcaresunday #selfcare #overwhelm #healthyrecipes #exercise #sleep #holidayseason #stress

Check out these five acitonable hacks to help you improve your health–despite the temptations of cookie exchanges and holiday meals.

Looking for Actionable Self-Care Hacks to Help You Through the Holidays?

When the days grow shorter and colder, and the list of holiday temptations stretches out longer, I sometimes find it difficult to remember my physical self-care goals. I want to have energy, good health, and the ability to enjoy the season. But all those temptations mock me. Shorter days don’t necessarily lead to more sleep each night, and sleep deprivation can actually counteract our willpower and self-control.

In addition to scheduling adequate sleep during the holidays, remember the acronym SWEAT. Today’s podcast will explain each actionable self-care hack covered by the acronym.

What worries you most about the holidays? Weight gain? Difficult family situations? COVID and holiday crowds? Travel? Following these actionable hacks will help you relieve stress and experience improved health during a time of year when many people feel overwhelmed beyond measure.

Show Notes

If you like accountability gadgets, check out this post.

For more on the benefits of exercise, check out this series.

You can find healthy, vegan and vegetarian recipes here.

Holiday vegetarian pozole for a crowd.

Love pumpkin? Try these healthy pumpkin waffles or healthy pumpkin scones.

A simple, giant pot of vegetable soup will please any crowd.

Make-ahead vegetarian lasagna for a crowd.

Take these healthier brownies to the cookie exchange this year!

Download a FREE SELF-CARE CHECKLIST here. It’s packed full of actionable steps to help you figure out your why and start on your journey to better health today.

Check out these five actionable hacks to help you improve your health--despite the temptations of cookie exchanges and holiday meals. #holidays #healthylifestyle #selfcarehacks #selfcaresunday #selfcare #overwhelm #healthyrecipes #exercise #sleep #holidayseason #stress

Come Back Next Week

What better time of year than during the holidays to assess your spiritual health? Join me for actionable steps to improve your spiritual self-care and focus on next week’s podcast.

Change Starts Today!

Dear Inspire Me Monday friends and family,

While many people felt as if 2020 was the most difficult year in their life, 2021 has been that year for me. A bout with COVID, ankle surgery, and reactions to the vaccine gave me ample time to reflect and ask those big questions about my life, goals, and aspirations.

I realize I’ve set aside some of my creative dreams over the past decade as I focused on blogging and maintaining this link-up. I’ve learned more about blogging, social media, SEO, and writing than I ever imagined I’d need to learn. In order to make room for old dreams, I’ll be consolidating some of my non-fiction efforts.

I’m moving the Self-Care Hacks podcast to Sundays and for the foreseeable future, you’ll see the show notes and a link to the Self-Care Hacks podcast each week on the Inspire Me Monday link-up.

I hope to continue to see each of you in this space, even though the format will change a little.

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  1. Oh Anita, I have been struggling with maintaining my daily healthy living routine ever since Daylight Savings came along. The shorter days and colder weather really do bring me down. I will definitely be following along with your self care hacks because I need all the help I can get to get back on track! Thanks for sharing and inspiring and motivating.


  2. Anita, I am sorry for the challenges you have faced this year, and it all was a challenge. May the coming year and the changes you are making help to make life simpler and easier in the days ahead!

  3. Husband and I have been walking for an hour or two every day this summer. So, to keep going this winter, I have gotten ski pants. Because I hate being cold when I walk. I also am not a fan of stretching, but I like yoga. I like your idea of rolling out of bed and stretching and pretending I am almost asleep.

  4. I’m trying to get back in the habit of moving my body more this month. I have done a 3-a-week workout for years but I need to move more at other times in the week too. 🙂

  5. Anita, good for you in prioritizing and consolidating to make room for some of those dreams. I always love the information you share. So many of your posts have made me think and pray over changes in mindset or lifestyle. Thank you for that, friend!

  6. Recently I have given up white sugar and also all the processed foods. Now I eat mostly home cooked food and even when I have to eat out once in a while I opt for grilled or baked food, which is healthier.

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