What IS mental wholeness and why do you need to seek it? Good questions! Listen to today's podcast to find out more. #mentalwholeness #selfcare #selfcaresunday #podcast #mentalhealthawareness #goodmentalhealth #therapist #counselor #goals #growthmindset

What IS mental wholeness and why do you need to seek it? Good questions! Listen to today’s podcast to find out more.

In Search of Mental Health or of Mental Wholeness?

If you’re at all like me, you may not even realize you could use growth towards mental wholeness. For years I believed a lie I told myself. “I’m fine. Everything is fine.” If someone suggested I might benefit from seeing a therapist, I would inwardly scoff, outwardly smile, and continue in the same patterns. Which produced the same problems. After all, I didn’t seem as crazy/messed up/in need of help as So and So. My mental health was just fine, thank you very much.

The term ‘mental health’ gets a bad rap, so I propose a new term. I’d rather work towards achieving mental wholeness instead. Wholeness implies soundness and health, recovery from an injury, or wound-free. And who wouldn’t want to call their mental state whole instead of broken?

Mental wholeness means we seek healing, no matter what it takes, so we can enjoy a full, productive life. When we have a calm mental state, we free up head (and heart) space for seeking wholeness in other areas of our lives.

It took me years to understand I would never win my battle with the scales unless I worked on my emotional (mental) health, too. Mental wholeness also allows us space to learn and grow academically. I’ve witnessed this time and again over the past ten years as I’ve watched my very brave students seek mental wholeness from their traumas. Once they start on the journey to mental wholeness, their grades start improving (which acts like a snowball and helps improve their mental wholeness).

Forward movement in one area of our lives allows us to experience forward movement in other areas of our lives. Finding mental wholeness may involve a visit to a therapist or licensed counselor. Or, it may not. But you won’t know until you set a goal of seeking mental wholeness.

Show Notes

The Snowball effect of forming good habits.

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What IS mental wholeness and why do you need to seek it? Good questions! Listen to today's podcast to find out more. #mentalwholeness #selfcare #selfcaresunday #podcast #mentalhealthawareness #goodmentalhealth #therapist #counselor #goals #growthmindset

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  1. I’ve read a few of these and would recommend those as well. I just added “The Powerful Purpose of Introverts” on my Hoopla list this afternoon to read soon. I love the phrase “mental wholeness.” I think I’ll start using that! Thanks, Anita.

  2. I like your perspective, Anita. and the change from “mental health” to “mental wholeness” resonates with this hot-mess woman. One thing God has been leading me to in the past few months is finding that mental wholeness after last year’s stresses. Thanks for the book suggestions too!

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