Have you ever longed for some friendly support? Life gets lonely as a lone wolf, we need to act like a pod of dolphins. Find out how. #relationships #friendlysupport #selfcarehacks #podcast #selfcaresunday #friendships #community #communitymatters #introvert

Have you ever longed for some friendly support? While we may like to think of ourselves as a lone wolf, we really need to act like a pod of dolphins. Find out how.

How Does an Introvert Find Friendly Support?

“You’re such an extrovert,” my friend told me, “I always admire the way you can walk into a room and talk to strangers.”

“Ugh, that’s what you think!” I said. “Pedro is the real extrovert.”

“Pedro? No way! He was so shy in high school.”

“Shy doesn’t mean introverted,” I assured her. “I CAN walk into a room of strangers and find things to talk about. But I have to mentally prepare for the ordeal first.”

“Ordeal? Really?” she said.

“Yes. Ordeal. I’d rather run six miles in Phoenix in the summer than attend a social event. And you know how much I hate the heat.”

I admire people who can make friends with everyone and seem to have a constant stream of support and goodwill carrying them along. Making close friends doesn’t come easy for me. I’d rather stay in the background, listen, and interact minimally.

But God created us to thrive in communities. He knew we would need each other for friendly support, encouragement, admonition, and feedback. We need friendly support in order to become the best versions of ourselves. In fact, I believe we need to build a pod of friendly support in order to help us maintain mental wholeness.

So, how does an introvert build a pod of friendly support when networking rates last on her social skills scale? Today’s podcast will help you get started. Which hacks will YOU start with?

Show Notes

If people wear you out, you might find this book helpful: The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to be You, by Holley Gerth.

Have you ever longed for some friendly support? Life gets lonely as a lone wolf, we need to act like a pod of dolphins. Find out how. #relationships #friendlysupport #selfcarehacks #podcast #selfcaresunday #friendships #community #communitymatters #introvert
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  1. I’m similar Anita, I need to mentally prepare myself for social interaction.
    Now with Chronic health conditions I actually have to really push myself to do it & then can only maintain it for a very short time before energy runs out
    The link party doesn’t seem to be working it says it’s ended?
    Tea With Jennifer recently posted…“It doesn’t just rain but it pours!”My Profile

  2. Oh wow, Anita, this podcast is so timely for me. I am struggling so much with making friend connections with other women. I love this blogging community for that, but the real life in person female friendships have always baffled me. I, too, prefer solitude but recognize the importance of community. Attending social events is very much an “ordeal” for me as well so I totally related to that part! I need lots of mental preparation to be outwardly social and then I need weeks of recovery time before I can do it again. Your hacks are completely on point, but the process is long and tedious at this stage of life to build that tight knit pod. But heck I am happy as can be with my tiny little pod that I do have! Perspective and gratitude will get me through all the days! Keep shining bright, my friend!


    1. I understand! It takes me either minutes or years to make friends 😆. Those friends-in-a-minute are few and far between, but they’re life-long friends who I can pick up where we left off if we don’t see each other for ages. I’m learning to be a more intentional friend, but it takes practice (and energy).
      Anita Ojeda recently posted…Do You Ever Question Your Loyalty to a Cause?My Profile

  3. Oh, Anita…hitting the nail on the head hurts physically as well as socially for me too!! I am an inward one, preferring the peace of being alone. Yet, I too know that I have been made for community. Since my move from Texas to Colorado, doubled with Covid surging, I am not stepping out except for necessities…no church yet and nothing much that creates community except with my cousin. So this is good for me…to be reminded of the way God wires us. Thanks.
    ~ linda recently posted…Diligence – One Word 2022My Profile

  4. Friendship as friendly support and encouragement is such a beautiful thing! I understand the challenge is going into a room full of people – and meet new people. The older I get, the more I see the introvert in me – which is not how my community and my people see me.
    Maryleigh recently posted…No Hiding in the MistsMy Profile

  5. I actually bought Holley’s book last month but haven’t read it yet. I’m so looking forward to it though. I agree with you that introverts are often misunderstood from the outside. My husband tells me he doesn’t think I’m really an introvert by my actions, but on the inside, I know it takes a lot of energy for me to do the social things. And then I’m totally drained! 🙂
    Lisa notes recently posted…Share Four Somethings—January 2022My Profile

  6. I’m kind of an introverted extrovert. Having social time with others does give me energy to get my work done , and my job has me talking to new people all the time. Sometimes it is easier to talk with strangers, I find, than being in a group of people I know who may have expectations! I love how we are all different yet there is a common thread that ties as all–we are all built for relationships.

  7. This blog post resonated with me. I’m an introvert, and it takes a lot of energy to step outside my comfort zone and become more outgoing in social situations. I’m married to an extrovert, and I think part of why I fell in love with him is that it’s so easy for him to interact with everyone. (he never met a stranger) I like how you pointed out that God created us to live in community and to help and support each other.
    Thank you for hosting the link-up!
    Carol recently posted…Gift Wrap for Grandchildren’s BirthdaysMy Profile

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