Did you realize you need academic self-care routines? You don't have to commit to earning a degree, but you DO need to take care of your academic self (and we all have one). #academicselfcare #selfcare #selfcaresunday #selfcarehacks #selfcarepodcast #podcast #goals #AAR #routines #getsmarter #useyourbrain #inspirememonday

Did you realize you need academic self-care routines? You don’t have to commit to earning a degree, but you DO need to take care of your academic self (and we all have one).

Do You REALLY Need Academic Self-Care Routines?

My first visit to the dentist stands out with perfect clarity for two reasons. At fourteen, I’d never been to a dentist before. My mom made an appointment for me to visit my dad’s cousin’s dental office, and I entered with trepidation. I lay back in the strange chair and the hygenist started working on my teeth. Right when I thought my mouth would overflow with saliva, she put the suction implement in and then left the room. I had no idea what to do. Did I bite it? Should I remove it? Would it eventually suck my insides out if it took the hygenist half an hour to come back?

I looked frantically around the room for direction, and my eyes skidded to a stop on a poster hanging close to the ceiling. My eyes took it in with horrified fascination. The poster displayed a huge mouth with a few, stubby, rotten teeth. The bold letters underneath proclaimed, “You Don’t Have to Floss All Your Teeth: Just the Ones You Want to Keep!”

I don’t think I’d ever flossed my teeth before that day. I’ve rarely missed a day since. Just when I started to really panic (it felt like hours), the hygenist returned and continued cleaning my teeth. Of the two events, the concept of losing what you don’t take care of stuck with me the longest.

If you don’t use your brain, it will shrink. Have you failed to set and accomplish academic self-care goals once you finished formal schooling? It’s never too late to create new academic self-care routines (or improve old ones). My grandpa only had a 10th-grade education, but he read Popular Mechanics most of his life and did cool things. He even built a telescope! His academic self-routine consisted of religiously reading each new issue of the magazine, and keeping his mind open to curiosity.

Listen to today’s podcast and discover why having academic self-care routines will benefit you. No matter what your age.

Show Notes

Army in Training Circular 25-20

Research on why we need to keep using our brains.

Take classes on Coursera.

Enroll in Business Made Simple University

Check out DIYMFA if you’re interested in creative writing.

Pick up a new hobby or sport (birdwatching is both) and learn as you go along.

Did you realize you need academic self-care routines? You don't have to commit to earning a degree, but you DO need to take care of your academic self (and we all have one). #academicselfcare #selfcare #selfcaresunday #selfcarehacks #selfcarepodcast #podcast #goals #AAR #routines #getsmarter #useyourbrain #inspirememonday

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  1. Oh wow, Anita, I love the lesson you took from your negative dentist experience. First of all, I relate to the whole dentist bit. Apparently our childhood dentist would smack across the head if we gagged or fussed in the chair. I don’t recall it but I had terrible dentist trauma and didn’t go from the age of 18 until 40. My sister was the one who remembered it and informed me that it is likely the source of my dental fear. Now I have an amazing dentist and actual enjoy going. And I also have an undying love of always learning something new. Another great post!


  2. Anita, way too funny because I can remember the very first time a dentist made the same comment to me about flossing. I have flossed ever since! I want to be a life long learner as there is so much to learn!

  3. I am always up for learning something new. Have you tried oil-pulling? I am actually doing it right now as I type this comment. It’s even better than flossing and in my estimation much easier. I use coconut oil however you can use any oil. It is super easy. First thing in the morning, grab a tbsp of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth like mouthwash for twenty minutes. Dispose in the toilet or a plastic bag, not the sink because coconut oil hardens then brush your teeth with your favorite toothpaste, rinse and repeat the next day. The oil slides all the gunk out of your teeth. Google it to learn more about the excellent benefits.

  4. Anita, yes it is important to keep learning. Learning about writing, websites, social media and all that keeps my brain going. My husband and I have started a new gardening project. We have never had one although both of our grandparents were farmers. A lot to learn here.

  5. My FIL was a dentist, and he use to always tell our children, “Only brush the teeth you want to keep.” Which means the children needed to brush all of their teeth. Ha! Continual learning is so beneficial! My family has taken courses through Udemy.
    Lisa Blair recently posted…Getting Ready – Faith not FearMy Profile

  6. This was hilarious! I’m not sure if I’ll remember to exercise my brain, but I’ll definitely remember to floss my teeth!

  7. If memory serves me correctly. I think I once recall reading one of William Glasser’s books, and in it, he said, all we do from birth until death is learn. Oh, how I love word searches, and hidden object games, I enjoy history, earth and space science, and learning about animals and nature. I prefer reading over TV, but I do watch it some. Great post.
    PaulaShort recently posted…Hello SpringMy Profile

  8. Anita, your grandfather sounds like an amazing and interesting man. My grandpa enjoyed flipping through the dictionary and discovering new words. Perhaps my interest in language came from him.


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