Church attendance isn't spiritual self-care. Find out how to improve your spiritual self-care in today's podcast. #spiritualselfcare #selfcare #selfcarehacks #podcast #christian #religion #relationship #churchlady #church #denomination #spirituality #health

Do you have a spiritual self-care routine? One that includes more than weekly church attendance? Find out how to improve your spiritual self-care in today’s podcast.

Spiritual Self-Care? Isn’t That Just Going to Church?

Almost 20 years ago I sat in Pedro’s critical care hospital room and poured my heart out to God in my journal. I’d traveled with him via air ambulance the day before, and spent the night with him as he hallucinated and had convulsions. No one knew why, but they suspected it had something to do with the rapid die-off of cancer cells in his spinal fluids after they administered an intrathecal chemotherapy drug.

I didn’t know how much longer I could take setbacks and relapses. Over the past four weeks, Pedro had shrunk from 190 lbs. to 130 lbs. He looked like a walking skeleton, and I felt like he looked. I hadn’t darkened the doors of a church for several months. Not because I didn’t believe, but because I didn’t have time or energy to attend a church while my husband circled the drain.

I learned the difference between being religious and having a relationship during those critical months when my husband’s life hung in the balance. In addition, I’ve discovered the need to nurture our spirituality to avoid hypocrisy. Join me on today’s edition of Self-Care Hacks to find out how to improve your spiritual self-care (and it may, or may not involve going to church).

Show Notes

Maybe you harbor racism and don’t realize it. I know I did. Perhaps you think you’re immune from privilege. I know I did.

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Download a FREE Self-Care Checklist to help you discover your why.

The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren

Find a Bible Study Fellowship group near you.

Ideas on keeping a gratitude journal for spiritual self-care.

Church attendance isn't spiritual self-care. Find out how to improve your spiritual self-care in today's podcast. #spiritualselfcare #selfcare #selfcarehacks #podcast #christian #religion #relationship #churchlady #church #denomination #spirituality #health

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  1. My relationship with church has waxed and waned so many times in my life that I quickly realized that physically going to church is never required to have a strong spiritual relationship with your God. Plus I always felt very judged in church and much prefer solitary private worship. Thanks for sharing another thoughtful and thought provoking post.


  2. It’s funny … as much as I love writing and bible study, I still have not got into a consistent habit of journaling. I think that is the next step in my self-care journey. So glad you had that habit to pour out your feelings during you and Pedro’s trial of cancer.

  3. Journalling is such a wonderful way to debrief, pray & to understand our thoughts & emotions, Anita.
    Something I do often.
    Thank you for hosting too ☺️

  4. Anita, I appreciate the questions you ask. And this post has reminded me of how much God has used journaling in my past. I need to get back into it. I hear His words to me more clearly when I’m writing. Great post!

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