Ever heard of green exercise? Me, neither! Listen in to today's podcast and decide what your favorite green exercise is! #greenexercise #blueexercise #selfcarehacks #selcarehackspodcast #selfcare #health #healthychoices #optoutside #exercise #peace #wellness #wellbeing

Ever heard of green exercise? Me, neither! Listen in to today’s podcast and decide what your favorite green exercise is!

What IS Green Exercise?

“I think I know why I escape to Alaska every summer,” I told a friend recently.

“Yeah. Your grandson lives there. It took you five years to figure that out?”

I laughed. “No, not just because my grandson lives there. It’s because it’s so hot in Arizona I have no desire to walk out the door all summer long.”

“And it snows all summer in Alaska,” she joked.

“No, but it’s so green. Alaska gets heat waves, too, but they don’t happen very often. A summer full of gorgeous weather, towering green trees, wildflowers galore, aqua water, and family. What more could a gal ask for?”

She shuddered slightly. “Not to mention bears, mosquitos, rain to make all those green trees, and cooler temperatures. Nope, give me the desert heat any day.”

I know my friend gets outside in the heat and enjoys every moment of burning sun. We both have the right idea, even if we require different climates to carry it out. It has a name: Tree bathing. Green exercise. Blue exercise.

All of these terms share the same essence (not just the smell of fresh air). Exercise matters, but so does WHERE we exercise. I never really understood the difference until I had to limit my exercising to riding a stationary bicycle indoors for two months.

In today’s podcast I’ll sure some information about green exercise and how it can improve our physical health. I’ll end with actionable hacks to help you get started on increasing your green exercise (even if it’s outside in the red desert).

What’s your favorite type of green exercise?

Show Notes

Check out the FREE Self-Care Checklist to help you discover your why.

You can find more research on green and blue exercise here, here, and here.

Ever heard of green exercise? Me, neither! Listen in to today's podcast and decide what your favorite green exercise is! #greenexercise #blueexercise #selfcarehacks #selcarehackspodcast #selfcare #health #healthychoices #optoutside #exercise #peace #wellness #wellbeing

Come Back Next Week

Join me next week when I explore the connection between spiritual health and getting enough exercise.

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  1. I enjoy the green trees and blue skies, Anita! I have to admit, these terms are new to me: tree bathing, green exercise, blue exercise. My favorite green exercise is piddling in the flower garden, but I also enjoy our daily morning walk.
    Lisa Blair recently posted…5 Ways to Overcome Our FearsMy Profile

  2. I really enjoy outdoor walks and look forward to being able to do that more soon – I’m having a knee replacement in a couple weeks and a couple of my goals are being able to safely go on walks down our country road and being able to hike the nearby mountain and forest trails again.
    Kym recently posted…I Spy #76My Profile

  3. What a great post, Anita! We just returned from a 4 day camping trip at a music festival and I finally had the opportunity to do early morning yoga outdoors. I have been wanting to try it. I was up way before any of the other campers and took my mat to the top of a hill where I did yoga at sunrise. It was my favorite yoga practice ever! It is a very different experience from yoga in my living room or anywhere else indoors.


  4. You had me at “green” and “walking” which I have done for years. I make walking daily a priority, although it’s harder in winter I admit. I say it is a gift I give myself and those who love me. It’s my prayer time with my Father so it’s preferably a solo event.

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