I'm on a journey to becoming self-aware, and I've discovered how self-awareness forms the foundation for healthy self-care routines. #selfaware #selfawareness #selfcare #selfcarehacks #podcast #knowyourself #extrovert #introvert #bekindtoyourself

I’m on a journey to becoming self-aware, and I’ve discovered how self-awareness forms the foundation for healthy self-care routines.

The Process of Becoming Self-Aware isn’t Natural

“I don’t like those,” my five-year-old grandson informed me as he looked at the green beans on the serving plate. “I’m allergic to them.”

“O.k.,” I said, trying to hide my grin, “did you want some carrots?”

“I’m not allergic to carrots,” he said, helping himself to a handful of baby carrots.

I set aside my instinct to insist he try a bite of green beans (he has no known food allergies, just a very extensive vocabulary). His parents have wisely let him guide his own food choices. I know he’ll try new foods when he’s ready. We had spent the previous day eating edible flowers at a community garden. He liked the violas the best. Nasturtiums tasted a little spicy for his palate.

When I reflect on my childhood, I don’t remember having the option not to eat foods that didn’t appeal to me. I had to clean my plate. While Pedro and I didn’t go quite that far with our daughters, we did insist they try new foods several times to ensure they didn’t like them.

Our daughters now have their own families, and I can see how the strategy we grew up with and used with our children kept us from becoming self-aware. If adults don’t allow children to make decisions and have preferences, how will they get to know their likes and dislikes?

As I watch my grandson navigate his burgeoning self-awareness, I see a need to spend time becoming self-aware in my own life. Increased self-awareness will help me form the best strategies for effective self-care. How self-aware do you consider yourself? What foods do you wish you could have an ‘allergy’ to?

Show Notes

Building a Storybrand (Rebranded in 2021 as Business Made Simple) podcast.

Lead to Win podcast.

Self-help books I’ve found helpful.

5 Voices: How to Communicate Effectively with Everyone You Lead

Dream Big, by Bob Goff

The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to be You by Holley Gerth

Here’s a post about growth mindset–a companion to self-awareness.

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Come back next week when I start a series on parenting. No matter your children’s ages, you can always improve your relationship with them.

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  1. Unfortunately, my mother didn’t teach me to experiment with a variety of foods (although I was happy about it at the time!). I remember on spaghetti night, she would cook a hot dog for me. lol. Fortunately I have expanded my tastes quite a bit since then (and I now love spaghetti). 🙂 Thanks for sharing Julie’s post on Debbie’s blog. I just visited there and enjoyed what she had to share.
    Lisa notes recently posted…Romans 8:39 – Memory Verse for July 24-30, 2022My Profile

  2. I would happily have a pea allergy! UGH! However, I do have the Alpha-Gal meat allergy caused by the lonestar tick bite! My numbers are getting better and I can eat beef much better than I can pork (not supposed to eat any meat from an animal with a hoof). I’ve never had to use an epi-pen yet, but I’ve been close once!

  3. Self awareness is so important! I never thought of it in terms of food choices as children though. That is a brilliant way to illustrate the importance of self awareness. I remember being forced to eat a giant pile of sauerkraut when I was 4 years old. I am still traumatized by that! Just the smell of the stuff can flash me back to that horrible moment in life trying to choke down that nasty stuff so I wouldn’t get in trouble. Oh, and liver. I was forced to eat liver on a weekly basis. The word itself makes me sick! I just wrote a mental health post that talks a bit about self awareness so I will link it here. Thanks for another thought provoking topic!


  4. I think I know myself pretty well, however, I’m sure there are some things I should learn! Each day we should ask the Lord to open our hearts and minds to what He wants to teach us… whether it be a behavior He wants to be changed or something He wants to add to our skill-set. Just this morning I was praying for wisdom as I know I sure need it! LOL
    Blessings, Joan

  5. I’ll be listening to your podcast on the drive to work today. I very much disliked peas, yet my mother still insisted on putting on my plate. Now as an adult, I do like peas! I think it is about giving the choices even when we “say” we don’t like something. Often we can miss out because of our own pre-judgements from what we “think” rather than what we will experience if we give it a try, I find!

  6. Hi Anita,
    Your grandson is a creative little guy! His comment made me smile. 🙂
    I had no choices growing up–including those regarding food.

    When my children were little, I tried to provide two vegetable options when serving a new item. While I wanted them to give the vegie a try, they could choose to eat the more agreeable, child-friendly item if the new option didn’t appeal.

    I did offer the “new” choice several times, though, since research does indicate repetition is an important part of acquisition for children. Sometimes, they just didn’t like what I offered. (My seventeen year old daughter still refuses to eat mushrooms. )


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