Want to be a better parent? Try using the do-over! This powerful tool will help you build better relationships with your children. #doover #mulligan #secondchance #parentingfail #parents #parenting #tiredmama #trauma #emotionalintelligence #selfawareness #selfcare #selfcarehacks

Want to be a better parent? Try using the do-over! This powerful tool will help you build better relationships with your children.

What’s a Do-Over, Anyway?

Mulligan. Second chance. Do-Over. They all mean the same thing, and they all have the power to make you a better parent. Why? Because we all mess up as parents. Sometimes, we mess things up in small ways. Other times, we can pull a real parent fail without even trying. The more self-aware we become, the easier it is to recognize when things head south.

Face it, parenting is hard work. The hardest, most difficult, yet potentially rewarding experience you’ll ever have. And to think the doctors discharge us from the hospital with a tiny, helpless baby in hand and absolutely no instruction manual! Parenting is one of those learn-as-you-go endeavors, and I’ve felt plenty of regret over the way I handled different parenting dilemmas when our girls were young.

But I did learn one really important thing along the way. Something that changed how I handled difficult situations and soothed the angry beast inside (or outside, if one of my teenage daughters was arguing with me). Today’s podcast will share what I’ve learned about the mighty do-over and how parents can adopt this technique to improve their parenting skills. Along the way, you’ll model emotional intelligence, something every child needs to practice.

I share one of my parenting fails in the podcast. I’d love to hear from you! Can you think of a specific scene from the past where a do-over would have changed a situation?

Show Notes

A great book on the do-over you can buy at your favorite bookstore: Mr. DeVore’s Do Over: A Little Story for Teachers.

A family-friendly outtake scene from Monster’s, Inc..

Come Back Next Week

As a parent and teacher, I’ve learned a little about what makes kids tick over the years. I’ve also discovered the one thing kids can’t do without. Come back next week to find out how to launch your child and improve his or her self-confidence.

Want to be a better parent? Try using the do-over! This powerful tool will help you build better relationships with your children. #doover #mulligan #secondchance #parentingfail #parents #parenting #tiredmama #trauma #emotionalintelligence #selfawareness #selfcare #selfcarehacks
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  1. Anita, yes, a mama time out is sometimes the best thing I can do for myself. I’m thankful for God’s forgiveness and grace, even when my sons may not want to offer it.

  2. This is such a wonderfully helpful topic to address, Anita! My husband and I were just talking about this the other night because I have recently found myself getting a little nitpicky about my 11 year old’s appearance, always adjusting his clothes and smoothing his hair. I have realized that he is able to make his own fashion choices now whether I like them or not and there is a fine line between monitoring his hygiene and monitoring his style. I am now being much more conscientious that I am responsible for teaching him proper hygiene but I am not responsible for dictating his personal style! And now I make more of an effort to compliment his clothing choices instead of critiquing them.


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