Who knew hobbies can improve your spirituality? I didn't until I started researching for this post. #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #SelfCareSunday #SelfCareHacks #relationship #nature #hobby #hiking #kayaking #biking #nurture #takecareofyourself

Who knew hobbies can improve your spirituality? I didn’t until I started researching for this post.

Do You Want to Improve Your Spirituality?

“Look at this one!” I said with a cackle as I stuck my phone in my husband’s face.

“Hey girl,” Pedro read out loud, “it’s not a sin if it’s below the shin.” He started laughing, too. The meme showed Ryan Gosling and a girl wading in ankle-deep water.

I had discovered a website full of Ryan Gosling memes, and both of us could relate to the strict legalism the meme creator poked fun at. We’d both heard our parents and church members assure us swimming amounted to one of the seven deadly sins if it took place on the Sabbath. Bird watching, not a sin. Fish watching, clearly a sin because one had to swim to watch the fish.

It took years for us to understand the difference between religion and spirituality. One has to do with following rules (many of which people devised), and the other has to do with relationship and recognizing our place in the universe (hint, we aren’t the center of it).

I’ve discovered how time spent outside can improve my spirituality in profound ways. What kinds of hobbies have you discovered to improve your spirituality?

Show Notes

Ever heard of blue or green exercise?

You can find the Oh, Ranger! app here.

Who knew hobbies can improve your spirituality? I didn't until I started researching for this post. #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #SelfCareSunday #SelfCareHacks #relationship #nature #hobby #hiking #kayaking #biking #nurture #takecareofyourself
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  1. I’m glad you both found your spiritual freedom, Anita. ☺️

    I know I’ve shared it here before but walking by the waterfront is a hobby of sorts of mine as well as exercise. And it lifts my spirit in ways I can’t express, it’s truly a spiritual experience with the Lord.
    Blessings, Jennifer
    Tea With Jennifer recently posted…Getting the balance just right!My Profile

  2. Oh wow, Anita, I love the way you described the difference between spirituality and religion. And no, we definitely are not at the center of the universe! Now if we could only get more folks to understand that. Thanks for another beautiful message!


  3. I relate to what you’re sharing. The sin in my church around swimming was “mixed bathing.” At our youth summer camps, girls weren’t allowed to swim with the boys. We had to cover up walking to and from the pool so the boys would never even see us in our one-piece swimsuits. Glad to have that behind me.

  4. Walking without earbuds or media – whether it’s a hike in the mountains or just in my neighborhood – when I take a walk with God, He shows me so very much! We didn’t have strict rules like that in our church growing up! We could play cards, dance and swim on Sundays! However, there are other ways to stand between God and His child ! Thankful for the relationship I have with Him now!
    Maryleigh recently posted…Change Coming Means it’s Time to Bake (And Link-Up)My Profile

  5. Ahhh, Anita. Legalism has a way of sucking the joy out of relationship with God. I like how you and Pedro have figured out how to move beyond legalism and into relationship with the Lord. You know me . . . a camera and a trail open my heart to the Lord and to wanting to share Him with others through photos. 🙂

  6. Anita,
    I have mightily struggled with legalism over the years. It’s been a real work of God to make the heart switch from religion to spirituality. One hobby (recently adopted) has added to my spiritual journey and taught me a lot about myself and about God — watercolor. I plan to share a post about it next week — thanks for the inspiration!
    Bev xx

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