Psalm 91 offers encouraging words for caregivers. But they might surprise you. #NFCM #familycaregiver #cancer #mentalillness #selfcare #encouragement #biblepromises #psalm91 #selfcarehacks #podcast

Psalm 91 offers encouraging words for caregivers. But they might surprise you.

Does Psalm 91 Have Any Encouraging Words for Caregivers?

If someone had urged me to read Psalm 91 in the middle of my first caregiving journey, I probably would have felt like punching them in the face. After all, as my husband struggled to hang on to life, all kinds of well-meaning people offered me their advice:

“Try carrot-juice enemas! They cured my cousin’s brother’s next-door neighbor!” (Really? Did the enemas cure him of cancer or indigestion?)

“If Pedro would just confess his hidden sin, God will heal him.” (And who made you the judge that could ferret out secret sins?)

“Eat five cloves of raw garlic before every meal.” (This would certainly cure him of having friends. Who’d want to be in the same room with him?)

“Just let go and let God.” (Does the person even know what they’re saying?)

A quick read of Psalm 91 might cause a caregiver to lash out at God and shake her fists at heaven. But I invite you to listen in for a deeper look from a caregiver’s perspective.

If you’re not a family caregiver, listen to today’s podcast so you can offer words of encouragement to someone who is a family caregiver. If you’re a family caregiver, take heart. This podcast isn’t full of empty pie-in-the-sky-give-it-all-to-Jesus admonitions.

Show Notes

You can read Psalm 91 here.

Episodes 124, 125, and 126 offer more help for family caregivers.

Psalm 91 offers encouraging words for caregivers. But they might surprise you. #NFCM #familycaregiver #cancer #mentalillness #selfcare #encouragement #biblepromises #psalm91 #selfcarehacks #podcast

Come Back Next Week

Next week I’ll interview William Daniel, a middle-school joke book author, about the importance of laughter as a form of self-care.

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  1. Oh my goodness, yes, those well intended offers of unsolicited advice can be very trying in times of heightened emotions and exhaustion from care giving! Your retorts to some of them, like the carrot juice enemas and garlic, made me laugh out loud. Please keep sharing your beautiful wisdom and your sense of humor!


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