Christmas consumerism got you down? Try using JOY to avoid this pitfall! #consumerism #holidayspending #holidayblues #postholidayblues #helpingothers #mentalhealth #healthyattitudes #gratitude #family #stress #winterblues

Christmas consumerism got you down? Try using JOY to avoid this pitfall!

The Christmas Consumerism Trap Won’t Make You Happy

I recently read a sweet novel about two boys caught up in Christmas consumerism right after World War II. Their odyssey began with the Sears and Roebuck Christmas Wish Book. If only harried parents and grandparents had one catalog to contend with!

Instead, we have myriad sources bombarding us with ideas, suggestions, and pleas to buy, buy, buy. Marketers target ads to all ages and all walks of life. Before we know it, pressure starts to build. Does your child really need the in toy find happiness this season? Should you really spend so. much. money. on gifts? Does the garbage collector need a gift card during the holiday season?

Without trying, Christmas consumerism can wash out the joy of the holiday season. In today’s podcast, I’ll share three hacks for finding joy this season. JOY represents an acronym for three small steps you can take to keep the season filled with wonder and delight.

Show Notes

Need ideas for drawing closer to Jesus? Check out this post.

If you know a caregiver, this podcast has ideas for easing their burden during the holidays.

Lask week’s podcast has hacks for taking care of yourself during the holidays.

Christmas consumerism got you down? Try using JOY to avoid this pitfall! #consumerism #holidayspending #holidayblues #postholidayblues #helpingothers #mentalhealth #healthyattitudes #gratitude #family #stress #winterblues

Come Back Next Week

Every feel let down on the 26th of December? Next week we’ll explore five hacks to help you through the post-holiday blues.

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  1. Anita, I love this post and this message so much! I had fallen victim to the bad consumerism and it finally hit a point where it started to make me feel physically ill so I pulled way back from it all years ago! But I think I pulled too far back that I became very grinchy. This year I am finding a great balance and it feels good. I have always appreciated a homemade or well thought out gift over the frivolous things. By the way, for a moment I thought they were actually building a sleigh in the barn! You are such a beautiful storyteller. I wish you a blessed Christmas, my friend.


  2. Usually at Christmas, our boys would get winter clothes, underwear, socks (where we live in TN – winter hits about now), something they would actually play with, a book, and things we knew they would need in the upcoming months, like soccer cleats. We had fun with stockings – and each one would get a nerf gun and they would have nerf gun wars through the holidays. It felt like a lot of toys because there were 5 boys – but individually it was more practical than not. I think Sears really missed the wagon – It’s a shame they didn’t convert their wishbook to an something like amazon. They had so much of it already in place. Wishing you a Merry Christmas – and that all our hearts are left full of God’s gracious gifts!

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