Do you feel discouraged about your weight-loss journey? Self-Awareness will help you overcome your discouragement. #weightloss #journey #SelfCareAwarenessMonth #selfcaresunday #selfcarehacks #inspirememonday #linkup #healthylifestyle #exercise #discouragement #healthforlife

Do you feel discouraged about your weight-loss journey? Self-Awareness will help you overcome your discouragement.

September marks another self-care awareness month. What does self-care awareness mean to you? I used to think self-care was all about manicures, retail therapy, and self-indulgence. Not any more. Find out the true meaning in this month’s series.

Do you feel discouraged about your weight-loss journey? Self-Awareness will help you overcome your discouragement. #weightloss #journey #SelfCareAwarenessMonth #selfcaresunday #selfcarehacks #inspirememonday #linkup #healthylifestyle #exercise #discouragement #healthforlife

The Numbers Don’t Lie

“Those pants look nice,” Pedro said. “Are they new?”

“No, I’ve had them for a while.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear them before.”

“You haven’t. I bought them, but they seemed just a little tight on me, so I didn’t want to wear them. Then I gained a few pounds more, and they’ve sat in my closet.”

“Oh,” he said. “Why didn’t you just return them?”

“I ordered them online and I really hoped they’d eventually fit, and I love the dark green color. Who knew it would take three years for them to fit right!”

“Well, they don’t look too tight,” he assured me. “They look a little loose.”

I grinned. “Thank you!”

He didn’t realize it, but according to my scales, I only weighed five pounds less than when I purchased the pants. In fact, I weigh the same as I did two months ago when I tried them on and they still felt a little snug around the waist.

But while the scale numbers don’t budge, all those truisms about weight loss come to mind. Muscle weighs more than fat. Don’t let your scales determine your progress. Weight loss takes time. Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged.

The difference between three years ago and now? Ten pounds. My weight actually went up ten pounds in the intervening years, and last December I decided to do something about it…again. I think I’ve finally discovered what works for me long term. Eating keto always works for me short term, but I can’t sustain eating that way.

Discouragement Dragging You Down?

My journey to a healthier, more sustainable approach started with the Noom app. Despite a year full of physical limitations (a bout with COVID, reactions to the vaccines, an ankle injury, surgery, and recovery), I lost the ten pounds I’d put on. I’ve set goals to stretch and do strength-bearing exercises, and I’ve met them.

I feel healthier, less stressed about food and the way I look, and stronger. Does beating an 8th-grade boy in arm wrestling count as a sign of increased strength? I think yes. I’ve lost 12.5 lbs since December, and I’ve kept the weight off since May while continuing to lose inches (a total of 10.5 inches).

But don’t mistake my victories for something that happened overnight. My journey with weight looks more like the stock market than anything else. I do know I weighed 190 lbs. twenty years ago, but I couldn’t tell you my exact measurements because ’embarrassing’ isn’t a number. Three years ago, I weighed 155 and carried an extra 24 inches around. My BMI hovered between healthy and overweight.

I understand discouragement and the desire to find a magic solution (which doesn’t exist). Sometimes, I don’t see myself as having changed all that much. But the numbers don’t lie. The looser clothing doesn’t lie, either. Along the way, I’ve learned to treat myself with kindness and compassion.

For most of my life, I’ve enjoyed good health when I exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. But good health doesn’t happen without our participation. We have to work at maintaining healthy habits and routines if we want to achieve physical wholeness.

Self-Awareness and the Journey to Better Health

After my husband’s run-in with a near-fatal case of cancer almost ruined my health, I’ve had to work even harder to keep myself healthy. Along with all that hard work comes a fair amount of discouragement. After all, some people can just think about exercise and lose a pound. Anyone can change the trajectory of their health journey. Anyone.

On today’s podcast, I’ll share seven hacks to help you when discouragement sabotages your journey. Having the self-care awareness to know you need to start on a journey will help you stay positive and take the steps necessary to keep on track. Self-care awareness will also help sustain you–no matter how long your journey takes.

Anyone can start a journey to better health. Let's forget about meeting society's ideals, and just love ourselves enough to take better care of ourselves. #healthier #goals #selfcareawarenessmonth Click To Tweet

Show Notes

Before you start any journey, you’ll want to figure out your why. This post will help.

Don’t forget to set realistic goals, both achievement goals and habit goals.

Why cortisol makes it difficult to lose weight.

If you’d like to join an online weight loss community, check out my friends at Faithful Finish Lines (affiliate).

Do you feel discouraged about your weight-loss journey? Self-Awareness will help you overcome your discouragement. #weightloss #journey #SelfCareAwarenessMonth #selfcaresunday #selfcarehacks #inspirememonday #linkup #healthylifestyle #exercise #discouragement #healthforlife

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  1. Oh I agree Anita! We need to find what works for us personally. Over this winter’s Iockdown (still in it!) I’ve found myself gaining a little weight AGAIN that I worked so hard to lose!

    And what I noticed when I took stock of what I had slipped into…I had started to increase my portion sizes & lessen my activity.
    Thus gaining those extra unwanted kilos (pounds).

    I agree keto is great short term but I can’t sustain it long term either.

    I’ve worked out what works for me when a balance of healthy diet & activity now & haven’t quite got back to where I need to be but am half way there. ☺️
    Tea With Jennifer recently posted…What to do with Anxiety when it hitsMy Profile

  2. Anita, this is such a great post. I can relate to your weight journey so much. I finally started listening to my body a little closer and realized that when I am good to it, it is very good to me. But when I am neglectful or unkind to my body, it revolts. Every time. Maintaining our health is a decision that we have to make every day and like you said, actively participate in our own progress. I have lost 28 pounds since last September and it definitely required daily devotion as well as lots of self forgiveness to make the slow progress. But I think in this case, slow progress is much better than too fast progress. Thanks for sharing your experience!


  3. How easy it is to forget that self-care is the driver to change! A very important message you are sharing, Anita! Thank you. Uncontrolled Cortisol gives me digestive issues and am dealing with that now. So I hopped over to your cortisol post that made me realize I really need to get outside walking, and get doing my daily yoga again. When I did that, even when time-crunched, I felt so much more healthier.
    Lynn recently posted…Making Purposeful DecisionsMy Profile

  4. Hello Anita and Happy Monday!

    More people should be careful with their weight…not because the aesthetic reason but for health. I have a friend who is same age as myself and she always was overweight (maby a bit more than overweight) and I am so sad for her because every time she is sick of something…she can not make enough physical activity, she even suffered from heart disease (and we are 39 years old)…so I think a good weight for our age and body type is very important.

    It was very nice to read your post. Have a great week!
    Sinziana recently posted…365 Days of Lifestyle Photography / Week 6My Profile

  5. How did you know what I was struggling with today. In fact, I just joined Noom again today but I will not be able to continue with it. The first time I did it, it was very reasonable. But now they are going to charge me $45.00 a month! That is too rich for my blood because I will need probably 9 months to get to goal. I think I’m going to take advantage of the 2 wk free trial to jump start and then try to do it on my own.
    Lauren Renee Sparks recently posted…Seeing September in the Rear View MirrorMy Profile

  6. As one who has struggled with my weight for many years, I know that diets don’t work. The only thing that worked for me was prayer and permanent lifestyle changes.

    I appreciate your self-care hacks more than you know.

    Blessings to you!
    Barb+Hegreberg recently posted…Discouraged?My Profile

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