If you want to avoid winter weight gain (and who doesn't?!), follow these simple self-care hacks. #weightgain #healthychoices #health #winterexercise #diet #exercise #selfcare #selfcarehacks #selfcaresunday #healthyme

If you want to avoid winter weight gain (and who doesn’t?!), follow these simple self-care hacks.

You CAN Avoid Winter Weight Gain!

Everyone talks about losing weight for bikini season. Ha! I quit wearing bikinis about the time I finished college and decided to stop doing things that made me uncomfortable. Walking around in a bikini makes me uncomfortable. It’s too much like walking around in my underwear, and my skin is one shade darker than paper white. People had to put their sunglasses on when I walked by.

And then there are the 20 years I struggled with my weight. Pregnancy accounted for some of the weight gain, and poor health choices and stress accounted for most of it. Maybe you can relate. So when the final days of winter roll around and magazines start screaming promises from the checkout stands, I laugh. They claim this diet or that exercise program will get my body back in bikini shape.

What if we could keep our bodies healthy all. winter. long? Sure, the temptations loom larger (namely Thanksgiving and Christmas), and motivation shrinks with the hours of daylight. You might think avoiding winter weight gain presents an insurmountable goal. But these self-care hacks (not diets or exercise programs) will help you avoid winter weight gain. Trust me, I’ve made it through four super-stressful winters by using these hacks, and my weight has remained the same.

Which hack will you start with?

Show Notes

You can figure out your why by downloading this FREE Self-Care Checklist.

Here’s information on the science of self-talk that might interest you.

James Clear has a great post on stacking habits.

This post and this post talk about the benefits of healthy competition.

Do you need a fitness tracker? (Hint. YES!)

If you want to avoid winter weight gain (and who doesn't?!), follow these simple self-care hacks. #weightgain #healthychoices #health #winterexercise #diet #exercise #selfcare #selfcarehacks #selfcaresunday #healthyme

Come Back Next Week

Did you know sleep and weight have a strong connection? I didn’t, until I did some research on the importance of sleep for maintaining healthy weight.

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  1. Great tips, Anita! Our family uses Fitbit to do weekly and overall step competition/accountability. The third person self-talk is an interesting scientific tidbit. And the stacking habit is a great idea for adding new habit goals. Thanks for sharing!
    Lisa Blair recently posted…Intentional ReflectionsMy Profile

  2. Third person self-talk–what a fascinating idea. I’m going to give it a try!

    I really love going to the gym but my doctor recommended that I give up strenuous workouts because I have fibromyalgia and the challenging workout cause me to flare. Right now, I’m stuck with walking and low-key biking along with easy pilates workouts. I miss the competition/accountability of being around other people and may check out the groups you mentioned.


    Tammy Kennington recently posted…When Hope Seems LostMy Profile

  3. “Anita, your self-care hacks for avoiding winter weight gain are brilliant! Your transparency and personal experiences make these tips relatable and valuable. Thanks for sharing such practical advice to help us navigate the seasonal challenges and prioritize our health.”
    Shahzad recently posted…Nutritional Value Of Soy FormulaMy Profile

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