Looking for a lighthearted romance to read this fall? Check out these two new releases! #romcom #inspy #newrelease #romance #sweetromance #booksforvacay #TBR #amreading #cozymystery

I receive free electronic advanced reader copies of these books through an arrangement between the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion on NetGalley’s website. I only review books on my blog that I really love.

Looking for a lighthearted romance to read this fall? Check out these two new releases!

Looking for a lighthearted romance to read this fall? Check out these two new releases! #romcom #inspy #newrelease #romance #sweetromance #booksforvacay #TBR #amreading #cozymystery

Are You a Fan of Lighthearted Romance?

When the world seems full of darkness, I love settling down in a cozy chair with a lighthearted romance. Even better if it falls into the inspy or inspirational genre. If you favor romcoms, you’ll love Jen Turano’s latest installment in her Matchmakers series. Perhaps you enjoy a lighthearted romance with twists and turns generated by suspense. If so, you’ll enjoy Kathleen Y’Barbo’s book.

To Spark a Match (The Matchmakers, Book 2)

By Jen Turano, Bethany House Publishers, November 14, 2023, 368 pages.

While other debutants of New York City’s Four Hundred enjoy a Season’s glitz, glitter, and glamour, Miss Adelaide Duveen would rather read her precious books and find homes for her darling cats. Adelaide’s mother has schemed for five years to find a suitor for her daughter, but no one seems to suit her.

Adelaide good-naturedly suffers through her mother’s machinations to find her the perfect match. But the oversized bustles, ample padding, and odd-shaped dresses just turn Adelaide into an oddity. The ill-fitting wardrobe creates more havoc than admiration.

When Adelaide’s quick thinking saves Mr. Gideon Abbott from revealing his true occupation, society decides to give Adelaide the cut direct. Gideon wants to pay Adelaide back for her kindness, so he enlists his friend, Camilla Pierpont, to turn Adelaide into the darling of society.

Adelaide reluctantly agrees although she has little hope of turning into society’s darling. Because of her fondness for spy novels, she won’t turn down an opportunity to learn about Gideon’s unusual occupation, though.

For the first time in his life, Gideon Abbott finds himself willing to share details about his profession with the unusual Miss Adelaide Duveen. Something about her zest for life and her charming dimple makes it difficult for Gideon to deny one of her requests. While his friend Camilla revamps Adelaide’s wardrobe, Gideon finds himself teaching her how to shoot.

It’s too bad his dangerous occupation prevents him from forming permanent romantic attachments. Adelaide seems perfect in every way. Gideon realizes two things too late. His heart has a will of its own, and even the most cautious man can’t keep Adelaide out of trouble.

What I Loved About This Book

Turano’s storytelling sparkles with wit and humor. Readers will fall in love with Adelaide, an avowed spinster with a zest for life and a questionable talent for turning the ordinary into a mishap. The second in The Matchmakers series, readers can enjoy To Spark a Match as a standalone novel.

Romcom fans and readers who love historical inspirational fiction will enjoy this book.

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A New Leash on Life (Gone to the Dogs Mysteries Number 6) 

By Kathleen Y’Barbo, Barbour Fiction, September 2023, 256 pages.

Nora Hernandez thought Air Force veteran Dr. Lane Bishop might be the man of her dreams, but their romance has stalled. He spends more time at his lab than he does with Nora. So she buys the building next door (an old antique shop) to her restaurant.  Nora has no idea when she’ll get around to sorting through the old merchandise, but when Lane backs out of another date, she decides to get to work.

She doesn’t expect the building to sound creepy, nor to have a cat adopt her. When a tornado sweeps through Brenham, Nora’s new building catches fire, and someone sees a Belgian Malinois dashing by. Nora, Lane, and their friends hunt for the mysterious dog, and when they find him, he has all the manners of a military working dog.

In addition to the mysterious Malinois, someone is blowing up buildings in and around Brenham. Nora and Lane believe the appearance of the dog and the explosions have something in common. Can they figure it out before someone gets hurt?

What I Loved About This Book

Readers will relate to Nora as she navigates living as an adult near her large, nosey family who can’t wait to see her settle down for happily ever after. Those who suffer from or know someone who suffers from PTSD will relate to Lane and his insecurities surrounding his horrible nightmares.

If you love cozy mysteries, dogs, and sweet romance, you’ll love A New Leash on Life!

If you love dogs and cozy mysteries, you’ll love this lighthearted romance from @KathleenYBarbo and @BarbourBuzz! #amreading #newrelease #inspy
Looking for a lighthearted romance to read this fall? Check out these two new releases! #romcom #inspy #newrelease #romance #sweetromance #booksforvacay #TBR #amreading #cozymystery

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