simplifyNight Owl or Early Bird?

Do you love to wake up before the sun? Maybe you prefer to stay cocooned under the covers until the last minute. Either way you can simplify your morning routine so that you’ll have more time for what you love best.

Personally, I enjoy waking up before everyone else and having quality quiet time. But getting up early doesn’t insure that I’ll have time alone if I don’t take a few steps to simplify my morning the night before.

I hate it when I feel rushed at the beginning of the day. Add kids to the mixture and chaos reigns. For my own sanity, I decided a long time ago to make changes to my evening routine in order to simplify my mornings.

Six Steps To Simplify Your Mornings

  1. Make a list of what you have to accomplish in the morning before you go to work. If you don’t work outside the house, what would you like to do before everyone else wakes up?
  2. Put a star next to anything that you can prepare ahead for. For example, I CAN set up the espresso machine the night before. I can’t have my morning devotional time at night.
  3. simplifyAnalyze the starred items. How many could you accomplish in the evening BEFORE you go to bed? Could you set up the ironing board and iron your clothes whilst watching TV with your family? Perhaps you could load your work bag or backpack with everything you’ll need the following day. You can simplify your mornings by preparing the night before.
  4. Delegate. Our daughters had the responsibility of packing their own school lunches once they entered 5th grade. I provided the food, and they made the choices. The only downside? We only have half of the teaspoons from our silverware set. A small price to pay in exchange for them taking ownership of their lunches.
  5. Prepare yourself mentally. When I come home tired from a long day of wrangling teenagers, I’d rather just curl up in the corner with a good book. Instead, I make a list of what I want to accomplish when I get home. Even when I get up early, if I haven’t prepared myself mentally for working out the night before, I have a difficult time following through.
  6. Commit to just one change at a time. In order to accomplish lasting change, you have to take it slowly. Commit to one morning time saver habit and practice it for a week. Evaluate how it works for you. Add more items from your list as each action turns into a habit.
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As you find ways to simplify your mornings by preparing the night before, you’ll discover the delights of starting your day peacefully. Of course, if you have six kids rushing around the house getting ready for school, you may need to help them simplify their routines, too!

Q4U: What do you do in the evening to simplify your morning routine? I’d love to hear what other people do!