What's your favorite spine-chilling suspense genre? Gothic? Contemporary? These two new releases will keep you turning pages far into the night. #amreading #suspense #gothic #historical #contemporarysuspense #christiansuspense #lovetoread #inspy #netgalley

What’s your favorite spine-chilling suspense genre? Gothic? Contemporary? These two new releases will keep you turning pages far into the night.

I receive free electronic advanced reader copies of these books through an arrangement between the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion on NetGalley’s website. I only review books on my blog that I really love.

Whether you love suspense or feel-good romance, these two new releases will inspire you. Grab one or both and settle in for a comfy read. #amreading #TBR #suspense #feelgoodromance #inspy #inspirational #bookreview
What's your favorite spine-chilling suspense genre? Gothic? Contemporary? These two new releases will keep you turning pages far into the night. #amreading #suspense #gothic #historical #contemporarysuspense #christiansuspense #lovetoread #inspy #netgalley

Looking for Spine-Chilling Suspense?

Today’s Book Talk Tuesday post features two spine-chilling suspense stories. One takes place in Regency England and the other in contemporary Washington, DC. Both books by two of my favorite authors are the kind you want to start on a Friday night and finish just as soon as possible. Who cares about housework or social obligations when you have a good book in your hands?

The Vanishing at Loxby Manor

By Abigail Wilson, Thomas Nelson Publishers, January 2021, 336 pages.

Five years ago, Charity Halliwell’s family packed up and left their serene home in England to move to Ceylon. Charity has no choice but to Leave her heart and her dreams behind. But when her parents allow her to return home to visit her dear friends at Loxby Manor, Charity wonders if one can ever really go home again.

Her friend vanishes on Charity’s first night at Loxby Manor, and Charity holds herself responsible. Her only hope of redemption? Find her friend. But how does one go about locating a friend when the very house holds secrets and mysterious lights glow at night from the nearby Kinwich Abbey?

The residents of Loxby Manor aren’t the only ones who have secrets. Charity has one of her own—one that has changed her from a carefree girl to a cautious young woman. When Piers Cavanagh comes home to investigate his sister’s disappearance, Charity tells herself she has moved past betrayal. As they work together to solve the mystery, they discover a graver, decade-old mystery that puts their very lives in danger.

Why I Loved this Book

I love all things Regency. Wilson’s authentic details of the era, brooding mystery, and authentic character development make her books rise above the ordinary. As Charity and Piers struggle with their darkest secrets, they discover the power of sharing to dispel the stranglehold of shame. Fans of Victoria Holt will enjoy this clean gothic suspense story.

Don't miss this sping-chilling suspense release from @acwilsonbooks will keep you riveted from the moment you open the cover. #amreading @netgalley @ThomasNelson #VanishingatLoxbyManor Click To Tweet

Lethal Intent

By Cara Putman, Thomas Nelson Publishers, January 2021, 336 pages.

A research lab looking for legal counsel, a lawyer looking for a job, and someone with a personal vendetta—something is bound to go wrong. Caroline Bragg (a minor character in Cara Putman’s other legal thrillers) gets hired to work for Praecursoria—a cutting-edge medical research company that might hold the key to curing childhood leukemia.

Caroline’s zealous boss wants to start clinical trials and cut corners, but as his new legal counsel, Caroline strives to put on the brakes. If the company doesn’t go by the book, it could ruin their endeavor before it has a chance to save kid’s lives.

Kids like Bethany—an 11-year-old foster girl who lives at former football star Brandon Lancaster’s group home. Brandon, Caroline’s boyfriend, will do everything possible to protect and help Bethany, and he doesn’t understand Caroline’s hesitancy to enroll Bethany in Praecursoria’s clinical trial for Car-T cell therapy.

When Caroline finds out Brandon has invested in Praecursoria, she feels like her hands are tied. In order to avoid insider trading accusations, Caroline can’t discuss her work with Brandon. And he’s the one person she trusts the most to help her with mounting sense that something isn’t right at her new place of employment.

When data starts disappearing and her coworkers start dying, Caroline realizes someone has something to hide. Brandon has problems of his own—the state has changed the rules and regulations for group foster homes. How will he flip the script on his life’s work and continue to provide a safe place for kids who need it?

Their jobs erect a barrier between Caroline and Brandon—one they don’t know they can overcome before time runs out.

Why I Love This Book

Cara Putman’s well-researched novel highlights the latest experimental therapies for acute lymphoblastic leukemia as well as the changing scene of foster care. Her legal expertise brings authenticity to the legal dilemmas of both research laboratories and foster care. Her well-developed characters and sense of tension will keep the reader turning pages from start to finish.

If you’re a fan of Kelly Irvin, Siri Mitchell, John Grisham, Lynette Eason, Colleen Coble, or Carrie Stuart Parks, you’ll love Lethal Intent.

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What's your favorite spine-chilling suspense genre? Gothic? Contemporary? These two new releases will keep you turning pages far into the night. #amreading #suspense #gothic #historical #contemporarysuspense #christiansuspense #lovetoread #inspy #netgalley

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